'Ring Fit Adventure' Understands the Shame and Fear of Exercise

Some years back, I started running. My wife and I moved into an apartment building with a gym around the same time I’d been told to start thinking about my family history with high blood pressure and heart disease. (For people familiar with my history, this was long before my father experienced a sudden heart attack.) Running didn’t require a lot of prep work, and in a bonus I’d quickly come to cherish, it was a form of exercise you could perform outside. More importantly, it came easy to me. I was able to run for miles, usually between three and five, without much effort—and it made me feel good as hell. I did some of my best thinking while running, and when I discovered running was basically a hangover cure all? I was sold.

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The positive buzz this has been getting, from Patrick, Abby and Ben notably, has made me quite interested in trying this out. It’s hard to find motivation, even time, to go out of the house to a gym or a running route to focus on exercise.
Something that can keep your body active while spending a lot of free time at home seems well worthwhile.


This is the best improvement, to my mind, versus Wii Fit, which was actively sarcastic at you if you forgot about it for more than a few days.


I’m glad to see more people getting interested in this great game. I’ve been using it since release day and every session I’m seeing something new. I was worried that everyone would dismiss it as another Nintendo gimmick and it would be forgotten. Hopefully this interest leads to long-term support for the game or more games that use the ring-con accessory.

Regarding longevity, I’m not too concerned. There appears to be a NG+ and NG++, for a total of 69 worlds


How’s the game when using the Switch screen and not a TV? Are the instructions too small to read at a distance? Hooking the console into my PC screen and audio setup is possible, but more than a bit of a pain, so I’m curious if that’s my only option.

I’ve used it several times undocked while travelling. It is hard to read the text and to see parts of the course during the running portion (e.g. secret paths, collectibles), but it still works. It’s certainly not ideal and you will likely miss some of the dialogue and exercise form tips, but it is still fun.


Wii Fit’s bad trainer manner (as you allude to) was absolutely a big factor in me giving up on that game/method.


Ring Fit has me exercising again most days of the week after a particularly hot August derailed my running. I’ve been enjoying it a lot so far.