Riot Games Tells Workers to Return to Office Without Vaccine or Mask Requirements

League of Legends developer Riot Games is asking employees at its Los Angeles headquarters to return to the office, without requiring masks or COVID-19 vaccines, prompting employee fears and even some resignations, according to two current employees and one former employee who talked to Waypoint.

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I’m sure this will go over as well as it did when ActiBlizz tried it.


I go to the office every day now because I am the type of person who literally cannot get any work done from home. Usually I don’t wear a mask at my desk because usually I’m the only one in the office. I like going to the office because it gets me active and I like having face-to-face time with my advisor when he’s in. I would never begrudge anyone else the desire to work from home and always advocate for allowing it more.

This whole RTO movement is slapdash and dumb in unforced ways. Why insist on no mask or vaccine requirements? Literally there would be no complaints if you left them in place when you start encouraging people to come back. It feels punitive and vindictive on the part of militantly anti-WFH management weirdos. Is this just more culture war bullshit?


I work for an employer who (quite rightly and intelligently, in my opinion) instituted a vaccine mandate after Biden issued the executive order about government contractors last November. They just announced that they’re junking the vaccine mandate because the numbers are down. Fortunately they’ve been very understanding about people not quite being comfortable returning to the office, but you know what makes me very uncomfortable? Knowing you threw the Covid safety measures out the window for vibes.


Sadly does not appear to be rare at all. Both of my parents’ companies are doing the same. Lots of anti-vaxxers in my Mom’s office in particular and I expect shit to hit the fan come September at the latest. People will also most often be required to use up standard sick days whether it’s Covid or not so you’re going to have people going to work sick (a percentage of them taking public transit to do so) like the good old days.

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A company with a history of being a hostile work environment who has the honor of having a COO that ball taps employees and farts in their faces is being really shitty when it comes to forcing employees back into the office? I’m shocked!

Even as someone who doesn’t like working from home and values work/home separation a lot, this is nothing less than a bad move from Riot. Forcing people into the office, especially without mask or vaccine mandates, is an extremely bad decision.

This is also on top of Riot’s reputation of a hostile office culture, which is important to note. If Riot’s been able to do WFH for the past two years, I don’t see why they can’t continue.

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