Riot Games to Pay $10 Million in Gender Discrimination Settlement

League of Legends developer Riot Games will pay at least $10 million to women over alleged gender discrimination, according to legal settlement documents first reported by The Los Angeles Times. The suit was originally filed in November 2018, after an in-depth and damning investigation into the company’s culture by Kotaku.

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This is rad as hell.

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A friend of mine, a former Riot employee, who is non-binary, is being excluded from this settlement because of its gendered language. One of the ways they experienced harassment there was because others insisted on perceiving them as a woman in spite of clear communication about their personhood.

Also I seem to recall several men coming forward about their treatment at Riot, and… they also appear to be excluded? Like c’mon. This settlement did not have to be gendered here.

Even these small victories feature setbacks. Riot is still trash.


Of course they would manage to fuck up even the paying out of a token pittance to the victims of abuse by upper management.

Being non-binary myself this is what I was immediately worried about :confused: I hope some game sites report on this part of this issue. Might be worth trying to reach out to Cecelia from Kotaku or Patrick (who wrote this article) and letting them know + maybe putting your friend in contact with them.

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So using the amazing power of basic math that would be: 10 millions / 1000 employees / 5 years / 12 months

167$/month* - Still better than an hand on the ass… But who could guess that harassment is cheaper than electric heating?

  • load of terms and conditions apply, only for selected offender parties, only if you allegedly agree to some nondescript NDA

EDIT: I’ve just discovered that after the legal fees the total settlement will be around 6 mils… Do your own math and grow a justified anger.

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Looks like the Department of Employment and Fair Housing along with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement feel like something fishy happened.


Well sure. Those lawyers know that they’re more likely to do business with the company multiple times, as opposed to the plaintiffs they are representing who will only be there for this one job. It’s the same reason that arbitration usually sides with the company as well.

I hope they get their asses sued off.