Riot Signs Deal with Saudi Arabian City Project, Neom

Fuck this. Fuck Valorant. Fuck League of Legends. Fuck ALL of this.

Is this the straw the finally breaks the camel’s back? Taking money from the Saudi’s, while having the AUDACITY to pretend you’re an inclusive organization has gotta be enough to start denying Riot some of the word count


Seriously, fuck Riot.

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UPDATE: LEC has terminated the partnership with Neom

Good. Fuck em anyway. Oh my GOD, how did the deal even get that far in the first place? Just a terrible idea, man.


I’m relieved the partnership is done, but this statement sucks too.

Also like,

we’re committed to reexamining our internal structures to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Given the continued reports of harassment and the continued shitty quotes and poor decisions we hear from riot, this would require a massive upheaval. I mean, I wish that were the case, they’ve shown very little external signs of working towards this though

So many devs there deserve so much better


“We’ll look into it.”

So, the excuse they keep making.

Cool, cool cool cool.


News like this is why I believe these businesses should be judged on what they would have done without consumer backlash, rather than what they chose to do in light of that. Making this deal while still asserting themselves as an LGBT-supportive developer is unbelievably craven.


But they never were. They NEVER WERE!

The amount of deadnaming, transphobia, and harassment experienced by just the ONE former Riot employee I know personally, that occurred over YEARS of working there, to the point where they had to leave not only Riot but stop working in the games industry… my friend’s experiences ALONE puts the lie to the idea that Riot ever was, or is ever capable of being, LGBTQ inclusive.

Riot cannot be fixed. This industry (by which I mean games media specifically) needs to stop giving them oxygen unless it’s to continue to hold them accountable.