RIP Wearing Sunglasses in the Car

I ENJOY wearing sunglasses and driving my car, but these assholes have ruined it for everyone:

So RIP to looking cool in your toyota camry

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Props to Sebastien Murphy for trying to make wrap around oakley’s cool again


i still do it. my main pair has hot pink frames, i don’t think anyone is confusing me for one of these MAGAs. :joy:

Look just don’t take a selfie doing it and you’re fine! It’s bright outside and you oughta wear sunglasses if you need to!

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Wear sunglasses while cycling to look cool again.

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it’s funny because the thread title is the sort of thing I’d expect to see on a MAGA FB page

Unfortunately we are now heading into winter, which means that it is going to be necessary to wear sunglasses while driving due to how blinding the reflection off the snow can be.

You win this one, fascists

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I’ve seriously been considering copping some VB branded shades from their website, they’d make a bold statement even bolder imo. Reclaim driving + sunglasses from the fash

Casual driving is a disaster hobby. Fuck cars.


I don’t wear my sunglasses in the car, but… I do wear my …

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