Riverdale - That Archie Show


Who do you ship? What happened to Jason Blossom? Will Archie ever stop being a dipshit? And, for the love of God, where is all the good Jughead-loves-burgers content?


This is my favorite show that I also sort of really hate. Archie/Veronica are my OTP. I just really, REALLY want it to go full on into “Afterlife with Archie” kinda content.


I hope the entire point of season 1 is just to tell the origin of why Jughead loves burgers


Cole Sprouse is utterly amazing on this show.

My ship was Betty/Veronica but I don’t think that’s going to happen anymore.


I 100% anticipated me losing interest in this show by now, that I’d be worn out after three twists/reveals every episode, but god. GOD. I somehow love it.
It’s very stylish. I’m a sucker for a solid song intercut with dramatic events happening elsewhere (I Feel Love, for example).
It’s got that weird dialogue that is focused on being Snarky and Clever rather than worrying about feeling at all natural (Cheryl especially) which I somehow am not sick of yet.
I love all the parents drama getting involved, it reminds me of The OC.

I ship no-one, I’m against kissing in all its forms. (This is a lie, but they’re clearly not going to do anything interesting with Kevin so, whatever,)


I’m behind. I haven’t seen the last 2-3 episodes, but I’m very into this show.

Shipping: Archie/No One, because I don’t wish that kind of torture on anyone.
Betty/Veronica, always.

Also, Kevin/Joaquin. Kevin is, without a doubt, my favorite and Joaquin is adorable, but I’m a sucker for the sensitive bad boy types.

I’m curious how long the murder will be drawn out and what they’ll do after. I know a lot of people compared it to Twin Peaks when it first came out because of its tone and Twin Peaks was a show that kinda flailed around when its mystery was solved.


The creatives have said that this week’s episode (12) will reveal the killer!


WHAT. I need to catch up.


it was everyone, but nobody knows everyone else is complicit, so that’s why everyone’s so edgy and paranoid


This show is so ridiculous and definitely is from the CW cookie-cutter of “I will turn on my friends with one resentful conversation, oh wait I’m back in on the plan because of anotehr conversation” writing mill but fuck, I love this show SO much. Just get Cheryl Blossom to stop overlining her lips.


This show is honestly remarkable; one of my close friends and I are obsessed with it. I’ve only recently started getting water from the CW well (in the last couple years I’ve been watching Jane the Virgin, Crazy-Ex Girlfriend, iZombie, and briefly The 100), and I’ve told that maybe this level of absurdity isn’t actually new, but I am constantly amazed by the levels to which it elevates itself. I thought the stretch of episodes in the middle were a bit dull, but the last few (starting with the maple syrup ceremony episode) have been firing on all cylinders. I disagree with @AppleCider though, literally everything Cheryl does is perfect.

Also at some point I got obsessed with the idea of a Serial mashup and spent well over an hour working on this.


I watched the first three episodes of this a while back and was kind of meh on it, but I gave it a second chance and I’ve grown to love it. Wish Kevin got more screen time.


The Serial mashup is inspired, seriously.


The thing that really sticks in my craw about Kevin is how in the first episode they were all ‘let’s lampshade the fact that Kevin is a gay best friend!’ and then have done nothing to improve it. I mean, he at least gets a love interest/sex life, which is good, and it’s the CW, so I don’t necessarily expect better from them at this point, but it still sucks!

The maple syrup Jughead VO is the greatest thing I have ever heard on television and nothing will ever beat it.


I said, from the start, that Kevin was gonna maybe fool around with a couple dudes and then suddenly Have A Boyfriend with no real introduction of their relationship and lo and behold.
It’s classic gay secondary character structure really.


I like the show a lot and I’m glad it’s ending just before Twin Peaks is starting.


So… those reveals!!! Sat at my desk trying not to scream about Betty’s family being secret Blossoms!!

I’ve never read any of the source material and stuff so I have no idea how much is true to (comic) book?


That episode was so much. I’m stunned.

I assume they’re taking LARGE liberties. I also assume there’s a subset of Archie Comics fans who are annoyed about Jason Blossom being killed off immediately (he’s a very minor character, I think, but I’m sure there’s SOMEONE upset about it).


I heard some bad bad things about this show which bummed me out because I wanted it to be good… wanted to see some Cole Sprouse. Convince me its still worth checking out?


It is so much fun. I don’t know if I could commit to saying that it is Good? But. I’m having a lot of fun.
It’s very stylish, and dramatic, and has some pretty solid songs if that’s a draw for you (Josie and the Pussycats kill it every time, imo).
(Archie’s really hot, if that’s a draw for you, also)