Riverdale - That Archie Show


Archie is so dumb though




I cackled for several minutes when that was revealed; I had to pause it to fully appreciate how over the top is.

I read the Archie comics when I was a kid and it’s very, very inaccurate to the source material, although the main thing to keep in mind is that like many comic universes, there are many iterations of it that all contain contradictory aspects – except perhaps even more so than many, since continuity was almost never a concern. Riverdale certainly draws on hand-picked elements from across the Archie canon, but the plot is largely invented wholesale. The core comic line was a light and fluffy (and if I’m being honest with myself, largely substance-less) digest of several short disconnected stories; mainly vignettes of the lives of at-the-time stereotypical “all-American” teens. For the most part, the only things that persisted across stories or issues were the characters and the archetypes.

In 2015 there was a relaunch (that runs parallel to the digest line) that tried to be a modern reboot focusing on continuity and more realistic stories. It’s probably the most direct predecessor to the Riverdale. I’ve only read the first six issues (only one trade paperback was out at the time that I was reading it), but what I saw of it is significantly more down-to-earth than Riverdale both in terms of being more standard fare teen drama and less murder. Apparently the most recent arc is somehow Fast & Furious inspired, so not sure if that’s persisted throughout. There have been other relaunches in the same continuity that vary tonally, e.g. the Jughead series in which Jughead has a lot of genre-themed fantasies that relate to his life (and is canonically asexual, which had been fanon for a while).

Other predecessors to Riverdale include other wacky spin-offs like Afterlife with Archie (a zombie comic that I believe was the first one to imply twincest between the Blossoms), Archie vs the Predator (in which Archie and friends face… the Predator), a crossover with Glee… a lot of interesting experimentation with the Archie universe that has happened in the last few years. I’d go more into it (and talk about the characters a bit more), but I think I’ve already overstayed my welcome on this topic. If you’re interested in the lineage of Riverdale, though, the Vulture has a good article from around when the show started explaining some of the history of the company behind the comics and what changed recently to lead to the show.


Anyone else catch the Black Mirror ref?


This largely confirms my suspicions as to how much it referenced source material but I didn’t want to make assumptions!

I don’t feel like I have a lot I can add but know you reply was much appreciated!! I’m definitely going to have to look into that Fast & Furious link hahah

Although I will say a friend of mine was furious when Jughead got with Betty in series as he was aware of the canon asexuality - I hope that’s something they somehow do still explore on the show as there’s not very much representation of it that I know of, particularly in mainstream media.


I think there’s still room to portray him as asexual - just because he currently wants a relationship and has kissed Betty doesn’t necessarily make him not ace. I hope the writers do move forward with that - Cole Sprouse seems reasonably on board with it, at least.


Cole tells Teen Vogue that he “did a lot of research” on asexuality as soon as he got the role, but notes that season 1 of Riverdale ultimately will not explicitly be the story of Jughead’s asexuality. However, Cole explains that the first season will contain a lot of character development, and will feel more like an “origin story” of the town and its inhabitants. He hopes this can lay the groundwork that leads to an eventual reveal of Jughead’s sexual identity. “The entirety of season 1 sets the pace for a character’s narrative arc,” he says. “Because of the fluidity of sexuality and how oftentimes a person discovers who they are after a series of events – like those told in our origin stories – this is an ongoing conversation.”

But Cole understands that representation matters – and that it means the world to young people to be able to see characters who are a reflection of themselves. With that in mind, he tells Teen Vogue that he is fighting for Jughead’s sexual identity to become highlighted in future episodes. “I hope that huge corporations like the CW recognize that this kind of representation is rare and severely important to people who resonate with it,” he says, “That demands representation. It would be a wonderful thing if that were the case.”

Cole seems very on board with the idea


Cole Sprouse has backpedaled pretty hard on this since the Jughead/Betty relationship became canon on the show, though I’m pretty sure it’s a company line because he’s said strikingly similar statements about it in different publications. I really hope they explore the idea of him exploring his own asexuality in future seasons though! I think it’d be almost more interesting to see that development on screen than if it had been established from the start.

(Especially since he exists in this hypersexualized version of Riverdale)


Yeah this is totally what I meant I hoped for, I feel like there a lot of experiences of those on the ace spectrum in the world going through the motions of getting a partner and kissing and whatever else and realising that’s maybe not for them, or maybe only a certain amount of affection is for them, etc. What Cole was getting at with

“Because of the fluidity of sexuality and how oftentimes a person discovers who they are after a series of events”

and people also of course can change entirely throughout the course of their lives, so yes I would super interested for them to explore this. And @aaron makes a super point about it being within a particularly hypersexualised adaptation that would only make it more interesting


I’d say it’s hypersexualized in relation to its source material, obviously, but it’s actually fairly chaste in comparison to its obvious predecessors, Gossip Girl and the Vampire Diaries, and even in comparison to Reign (which, correct me if I’m wrong, is the last ‘teen show’ left on the network other than Riverdale). Aside from Grundy, obviously.


cheryl is still the best, natch


I suuuper hated her when it started but she’s grown on me a hello lot. I rly want her HBIC shirt hahah


I like her but I also think this finale was really, really bad. Like not just dorky teen show writing but badly paced, badly edited, choppy nonsense. And Cheryl taking up a lot of the storylines vs. Josie/Pussycats feels weird as well.

Though that opening about a “cliffhanger” was really horrifying and great.


Yeah that’s fair.
I think the penultimate episode felt like the ‘finale’ and then that was more of a coda, really. tying up a few loose ends, introducing season 2’s plot points (can’t let a season stand on its own now, can we).
totally right tho josie and the pussycats deserve more attention.


It felt like episode 12 was filmed as the finale and then when they got renewed they filmed this to set up season 2. It’s kinda awkward.


So how does everyone feel about Archie briefly being a good boy before buying a gun and starting a militia? Like I think it is a really interesting way to take things but holly hell are they going hog wild in season 2.


I just watched the entire first season of Riverdale in a day and I still can’t believe Sex Archie is this good. How did this happen


Friend and I watched all of Season 1 on Netflix and there will never be a more iconic scene in S1 than Cheryl in a cute, white dress, standing in front of a roaring fire, holding a 3-pronged candlestick and telling her mother that the scent she’s smelling is gasoline before she burns their fucking house down.

Also, much love for the Pussycats and their good outfits for the Variety Show.

When are The Neptunes gonna show up, do ya think?


So I’ve been watching this show with my bf (who absolutely loves this show), and it’s been such absurd fun. Season 2 has been a lot so far especially in terms of how Cheryl is kind of poorly handled. Hopefully it’ll pay off in the end but who knows?


I think there are very good discussions to be had about how they’re portraying this rn, etc, but for a moment just let me squee: Cheryl is bi! Like actually!


It just feels SOOOO predatory right now and kind of playing up old stereotypes that the LGBTQ+ community has been working to debunk. Hopefully it gets better…