Riverdale - That Archie Show


Absolutely, it’s not great how they’re handling her crush on Josie, but is, I guess, also understandable that Cheryl would act irrationally given how much she’s been through recently, and I hope it becomes obvious that that’s the case, rather than this is acceptable behaviour, and it’s handled properly


I love myself a good, trashy teen drama but I cannot do Riverdale. I can’t abide what they’ve done to my Jughead. He was my first ever fictional crush, and the fact that Chip Zdarsky’s run of Jughead canonized his asexuality was such a huge thing for me, myself being asexual. And then Riverdale came along and just…
i hate you
I can’t do it.


season 3 lads

i fuckin love this show

after the ridiculous levels of escalation from the previous season i was joking about when they were gonna introduce some occult shit but lo and behold

and then there’s archie trying to take on several riot gear clad prison guards at once


I despise the prison stuff. Archie is such a stupid character, and totally brushed to the side by now. Who would care about all that when there is this really weird exciting mystery going on in town?

And for the love of god, no more singing!!


more singing, imo


I’m not in love with the DnD part of the occult plot, but the rest of it is pretty neat - I like the bit at the end of E2 with the adults doing an It Part 2 thing. The jail though…


I love how last season South Side High was basically a prison and this season they’re literally doing a prison. I was hoping for a True Detective season 1 style plot with the Gargoyle King but as mentioned earlier more like It. Looking forward to what ever it runs out to be.


this is me


  1. I adored the flashback episode.
  2. this week’s episode actually managed to resolve the prison stuff in a super satisfying way, I felt. The gargoyle king shit is getting a real fun kind of bizarre.


I love this show because, I haven’t watched any of season three yet, and every tweet I see about it reads like absurd hyperbole but
it probably isn’t