Riverdale - That Archie Show

I need Archie’s whole fuckin storyline to be done please. The other parts are still fun in their badness.

ah fuck this


extremely fuck this, it’s so sad. fucking 52.

That’s not how it’s supposed to be. Rest in peace.

if i’m not mistaken that’s that for season 3 of riverdale and holy shit i have honked a LOT the last couple weeks

Riverdale has reached dangerous level of ridiculousness. I was hoping they would dial it back a little for the next season but everything from the last five minutes of this episode doesn’t make that seem very likely.

actually it’s an extremely good level of ridiculousness

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I cannot abide waiting a week between episodes so much like last year I waited until the season was over and then watched the entire thing over a few weeks.

This show sucks ass and I love it.

I feel like this season was more coherent generally than the previous one? but it’s also possible I’m just more used to it. or maybe both.

  • Favourite specific episodes are The Midnight Club and Heathers The Musical and The Gay One (with moose and his dad? and all that?)
  • It would be good if the individual plotlines were less compartmentalized? Like it’s weird that nobody but Betty cares about The Farm. Literally what is Archie or Veronica’s opinion on this? I couldn’t tell you. Likewise it’s kind of weird to get the main four together to play Evil D&D One Last Time when Jughead is the only one who’s actually played it (and Archie in a dream, I guess).
  • not resolving a plotline that was sequel hooked at the end of the previous season is… wild lmao.
  • SPEAKING OF SEQUEL HOOKS who’s excited for How To Get Away With Murder
  • Cheryl is great, Reggie was fun, Toni is amazing.
  • Josie’s gonna be in a spin-off thing now? or something?
  • please for the love of god give Kevin a plotline in season four I am literally begging you.

This season had a stretch of episodes that were straight trash that made me seriously question my life. Eventually it righted itself enough so that it was fun to watch again. This show is so bad and I love to watch it with my partner. It’s still fun to me to go “WHY AREN’T THEY IN SCHOOL” or “WHY ARE THEIR PARENTS JUST LETTING THEM GO OUT TOGETHER AT NIGHT OR SPEND THE NIGHT IN EACH OTHER’S BEDS” etc, it’s still fun.

Moose’s dad luring all the parents away to play d&d when he only needed Kevin’s dad out of the way, solely for the scene where they all call their kids and their kids are all sleeping with each other… incredible


What a fucking great shitty show. Fuck.

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I just finished Season 3 last week and I have such a love/hate relationship with this show. There’s a near indescribable balance between grinning self-awareness and complete unawareness as they cast characters aside (Kevin, Toni and Cheryl for the first half of the season). I think Archie himself sums up my feelings about watching this season and how I sell the show to others to watch it - That means you haven’t known the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of CW’s Riverdale. We’ve gone from “Music or Football?” to “Serial Killer driven D&D games and anti-vaxx cult.”

I love how like every teen in Riverdale is running a small business. It’s a neoliberal utopia!


One of which is an underground bar selling exclusively non-alcoholic drinks and it was packed every night.




Except at one point they decide its more profitable to sell alcohol and just do it… Then later pin it on her father?

I really appreciate how this show commits to disregarding established stakes at every turn.


speaking of established stakes did anyone ever actually Defy The Gargoyle King or are those stakes entirely hypothetical
“drink this poison or else” “or else what” “uhhhhhh”

also remember at the end of one episode early on reggie and josie and kevin start playing Evil D&D and then that literally never comes up again. lmao. riverdale.


also also I guess I’m drafting persona au fanfic. it’s the new hogwarts au. according to me at least.


I love that it’s “play russian roulette, or some vague threatening thing will happen… it’s probably worse than instant poison death.”

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