Rob, keep watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes! (also everyone else)

I started watching it when I heard about it on Waypoint, and I’m halfwayish through Season 4.

It’s the most worth-it thing to watch I’ve come across in such a long time. I don’t want to say anything more, really. Based on my googling trying to find anything similar to it, it seems to be universally acknowledged as the best political/realistic/etc anime, period, and nothing is really like it. Which is a shame I guess, but also… I can understand that.

I have a massive sinus infection atm so maybe this isn’t the most well-considered thread, however: it’s so worth your time. And everytime Rob makes a reference to it I just think of all the things he can’t know yet that happen in future episodes, and it eats me up. :slight_smile:

Anyone have any recommendations (anime, movies, books, whatever) of something you’d recommend to someone who thinks LotGH is -amazing- and wants more?

No spoilers!


Are you watching the original or the 2018 remake? I can’t remember which one Austin and Rob were discussing, to be honest.

I think the 1988 original is available for streaming on Hidive and I guess the remake is on Crunchy Roll?

It is, yeah. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but it’s only twelve episodes until the next season hits.

I do hope we hear more of his thoughts (if he’s kept up watching)! This is one of my favorite anime series, and love hearing others describe their experiences with the story and characters.

As for recommendations, I would say that Monster by Naoki Urasawa may also be up your alley. The anime adaptation and the comic itself are both incredible. Although it’s not a political space opera like LOTGH, it has a similarly expansive cast of characters, and a narrative that deals with some similar philosophical threads (as LOTGH).

The original, on Hidive. I didn’t know there was a remake. Rob was watching the original, or at least that’s what he was screencapping on twitter.

For a while I was switching back and forth occasionally between Hidive and something I found on a random streaming site, because the translation was different on the subtitles and that was weirding me out. Eventually I settled on the fact that the translation on Hidive was actually better, but I’m not sure if that is true for the first 30 eps or so. (The font on the Hidive subtitles is garbage though! I used a Chrome extension to make them look right. Yes, I am that obnoxious font-conscious graphicy person.)

Anyway I … stopped before the last 1 or 2 episodes. I couldn’t bear ending it. There were a few times where I almost stopped watching the series, not because it was bad, but because I couldn’t barely fucking handle it. :slight_smile:

What a fantastic work of art.

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