Rob Zacny's Top Ten Games of 2017


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Let me just say, I’m VERY PLEASED that Rob also picked the Game of the Year for his top choice.



This cannot continue!


WOWZER that is a good last line.


I’m right there with Rob on Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock. I think it’s about 30% that the replay camera can be spooky good, and 70% because it’s a competent goddang WEGO strategy game in this year of Our Lord Satan, 2017.

What the hell happened with WEGO? It’s such a good system and even Combat Mission eventually lost its way. WEGO is dead, long live WEGO.


rob is such a good writer


be careful letting him on your podcast, because he actually feeds on podcasts. he absorbs and assimilates all podcasts and adds their distinctiveness to his own


fucking yes he is my god what a treasure

it’s really him and austin that are the two games critics that i just find mesmerizing when reading their work or listening to them speak. perfect mix of articulate reasoning, rhetoric, and poetry. the dream is to be as good as these two in expressing my love for the medium.

also wow love the love for assassin’s creed origins! wasn’t expecting it to be that high up on his list.


the cat petting is just that good


Good on you Rob for including MLB The Show 17. The Show has long been my favorite sim-sports series because it gets the weight and history of its sport that competing games like Madden or FIFA simply do not. I just this morning booted up The Show’s intro sequence as it detailed famous World Series plays and honestly got teary eyed when I heard Tom Cheek say the words “Touch em all Joe!”.

Baseball has such a great mythology to it, of stories being told in between pitches and innings, and Sony San Diego seems to really get that. Road to the Show is all about writing your own entry into baseball history, and I love how they’re slowly but surely supplementing the narratives I have in my head about my hotshot shortstop or my fireball throwing closer. As a rule I typically don’t include sports games into my GotY list, but Rob’s entry makes a compelling case why I should.


I’ve always wanted to play “The Show” Series, but I think Rob just sold me on it. I wonder if he played Madden this year, I heard the story mode (that was tough to write), was fantastic.

I usually stay away from Sports games, but 2018 may be the year where I dive in.

Rob - Thank you for this list, you are a gem.