Roguelike Recommendations


Echoing others but Nuclear Throne for it’s explosive energy; every run is just a thrill.

Just to put it out there, but Vagante and Catacomb Kids seemed like solid Platformer roguelites when I played em, I just never dug in deep enough.


I’ll cosign the holy hell out of Brogue. It looks great, it’s approachable, it does a phenomenal job of surfacing information in a way that’s coherent. A lot of traditional roguelikes really obfuscate what monsters are and how they work, which just makes the process of learning how to play one of absolute attrition.

Others have mentioned DCSS, which is also good. Caves of Qud is doing some really bonkers stuff like procgen books and living objects. It’s still tough as hell, but god it’s one of the most fascinating roguelikes out right now.

I’ve been trying to spend some time with Angband, just to wrap my head around it. I have such a love-hate relationship with Nethack that it’s going slower than I’d like. (I miss having a pet I can use to check if items are cursed or not.)

On mobile: Hoplite and Imbroglio are my mainstays at the moment.

And on Vita, I’ll ride or die for Shiren the Wanderer.

On 3DS, Etrian Mystery Dungeon feels super ambitious with random map generation and this tension between exploring an area thoroughly so you can build forts and having FOEs (big, powerful boss monsters) bubble up from the bottom of the dungeon. I’m not sure that it completely, perfectly coheres, but as someone who’s spent a lot of time playing/studying roguelikes, EMD just has a lot of really cool ideas.

Anyone following the development of Haque at all? The art style is incredibly striking and it looks like there’s some really rad ideas in there.

Oh, also, DoomRL is dope as hell.


If your a fan of card games and looking for a roguelike for mobile I recommend Solitairica. I played it a bunch a couple of months ago and just picked it up again this week. Combines the ideas in solitaire with spells and items in an 18 fight run with 6 classes. Not super deep, but decent for a mobile game.

Seeing a lot of love for Nuclear throne, which I also love, but have to give a shout out to Vlambeer’s other roguelike Luftrasers. Shorter runs and distinct style.


I’ve heard a lot of good things about Gungeon, but my main barrier to buying it is that they did something that messed up The Prisoner? Like the way game drops work messes up her Deal really badly or something. I read an article about it a while back and was sad b/c she looked kinda like My Shit in roguelikes.

Brogue is def something I’ll check out tho. Looks interesting.


Sad that nobody has mentioned Dungeonmans yet. It has some amount of meta-progression, and quite a bit of humor. I really enjoy it.


Gungeon is incredible, and I happily put about 60 hours into it.

That said, there were a lot of things about it that I kind of chalked up to a rough-around-the-edges charm that it has. But when I spent some time with Nuclear Throne about six months later, I had to admit that those design choices were not really that charming. Not being able to open the Shopkeep to buy a key because you need a key to get into the Shopkeep really stinks, as does getting low rolls on weapon drops for an entire run.


People here seem to not like Rogue Legacy, but personally I got way into Rogue Legacy and it’s really the only “roguelike” I’ve played that I ended up seeing to completion

So it I really fucked with Rogue Legacy heavy does anyone have any recommendations that are in that vein?


Dungeons of Dredmor

It came out pretty early around the Rogue-Like revival period in the 2010’s but I would highly recommend it (on Steam). It’s very close to the classic style of Rogue (not unlike SotS: The Pit) with the randomized dungeons, abilities, items, skills, etc. The only sticking point is maybe it has a very goofy and not super clean art style.


I have another recommendation!


Duskers is a console interface controlled horror simulation where you pilot mechanical drones into decrepit, wrecked, horror infested space ships to salvage fuel for your ship and components to improve your drones. You’ll need nerves of steel to slam commands into your sweat soaked keyboard as the crackly, staticky suggestions of monsters loom into your drone’s scanner radius and pursue without mercy. Your drones are shitty and prone to break so you’re always on the backfoot and trying to creatively spread the precious resources and modules you have managed to scrape together.

Check out Quinntin Smith’s take on it here:


Dungeonmans is great. I know it sometimes gets bypassed in favour of stuff like Tales of Maj’Eyal, but there’s an attention to UI and player experience that goes a long way for Dungeonmans.


Please tell me other folks here have played 868 Hack. It’s so good. Easily my most played iOS game.


Oh, oh! Good call! Also Michael Brough’s other iOS game Imbroglio, which is also unbelievably good.


Dungeon of the Endless is an interesting one for me. I hate it and I love it. It’s like a dungeon crawling tower defense rogeulike? It was included in a bundle I bought for the other endless games (Endless Space/Legend) and I had never heard of it but I probably put more time into it then the other games in that bundle.

The play session is a little long to me, for a rogue like, but I think that’s why it has engendered such strong emotions. You slowly crawl your way up this dungeon over an hour or so and like a few seconds of lapsed attention will back you into a corner (literally) that destroys your team, or a command accidentally given to the wrong character and you have to watch everything fall apart around you as the rooms you painstakingly fought through slowly go dark.

Anyway, it gets discounted on Steam pretty heavily every now and then, and is worth checking out.

Definitely going to be checking out Brogue and I keep meaning to get around to Nuclear Throne.


I recommend I.V.A.N., Tales of Maj’Eyal, and UnReal World, they’re all more traditional roguelikes, a lot of roguelites and metroidvanias with roguelike mechanics popped up in the thread so these ones came to mind for me. Really loved IVAN, you can have a lot of fun with that because of some really unique mechanics, a fantasy dungeon crawl deal, super easy to die, super hard to master. UnReal World drops you in this nomadic norway type region and you can do a whole bunch of cool things in there, has lots of skills and body coverage and stats to manage, different factions, building, hunting, crafting, can dump a lot of time into that.


Galak-Z seems kind of interesting. Especially now that it’s had an arcade mode added to make it a little bit easier to complete.


Been playing this on the Switch today. The HD rumble is a surprisingly nice touch. I’m super bad at it though.


UnReal World, hell yes! The survival sim aspects of that game still hold up, it’s got a lot of character, and it’s the rare roguelike where combat is not really the focus. (There’s a lot of hunting which uses the same mechanics, but you can—and often have to—try to avoid combat situations where the other party, uh, fights back.)

I picked it up again last year and finally made it from the “slave escaped from the heavily armed slaver encampment with nothing but a shirt and a knife” start to having my own cabin and smokehouse. Incredibly satisfying.


Dungeons of Dredmor is a really really good game that I really really wish someone would revamp literally all of the art for because that is literally the only thing stopping me from playing it constantly and forever

It has probably my favorite character creator in any RPG


What did/are you playing it on? I was thinking about picking it up on iPad for the portability but I don’t always like iOS ports.


I play it on my laptop or desktop. I don’t have any firsthand experience but I imagine it must transfer well to mobile. At least the ipad anyway, I don’t know how well it would scale for an ipad mini