Roll Call For Who People Who Bought And Either Loved Alan Wake Before Delisting


Bought both Alan Wake and American Nightmare but cannot run them on my computer. Still got them either way


I got it around when it came out and liked it a lot. Wasn’t so crazy about the DLC or American Nightmare but I guess they were fun diversions. Haven’t touched any of them since, I think I sold it. Very weird about this delisting thing tho, I can’t imagine something like this happening to any other medium, but I guess it’s possible.


I did buy them yesterday but haven’t played them yet. Will surely do so after NieR and Prey since it has been on the back of my mind for a long time.


Oh, it’s Monday now? … oops.


played it through to the end a few years ago. didnt like it very much tbh. it’s hard to describe exactly what turned me off about it. the story just felt like so much exposition being crammed down my throat about The Taken and the Dark Place and all these other esoteric concepts that are clearly metaphors about something, but it just felt like a self-absorbed exercise. the people i knew who had played the game had told me “it gets better later”, but sometime around Episode 4 i realized the missing puzzle piece i was waiting for was never coming, and i stopped caring.

like, there’s this game called The Void that i played a little bit recently. and that game spends a lot of its early hours vomiting exposition at you about its own fantasy world and its rules, like “i am a Sister and i am good and these are the Brothers and they are very bad. and this is Colour and it is the source of all life and you must defeat Predators”. and i sort of get that you need to convey to the player the rules of your game and the nature of its world, but its the worst way to do so. and Alan Wake isnt quite that bad, but its indulgent in a similar way.

three things i did like about it:

  • very gorgeous game, even on low settings but especially with everything cranked. character models are a bit chunky but the environments are stellar
  • those art bell segments
  • the weird phrases the monsters say. maybe they are supposed to be scary, but i found most of them really funny. i looked forward to most encounters more to hear some ghoulish joker say something like “OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS ARE GOOD FOR YOUR HEART!” and “FISHING CAN BE A HOBBY OR A JOB!” i kinda was hoping i would find some kind of deeper or more profound meaning within the existence of those quotes, the same way i did in NieR when i was discovering random trinkets on the monsters in that game. maybe someone else did

never touched American Nightmare… might give it a Whorl sometime?


LOVED it. Though I felt the ending left a bit to be desired.

Then the DLC’s came out and they were awesome. Then American Nightmare came out and THAT was awesome as well. Mr. Scratch is a damn good villain.


Alan Wake was the one game that made me want a 360. I have no interest in Halo or Gears or Forza and the Xbox basically has no exclusives outside of that, a problem they still have today. Alan Wake had it’s fair share of criticism, so I never did get one. I was a mac user at the time as well, so I never got the PC version either.

I bought it knowing it was my last chance. I didn’t even look to see if my laptop can run it.


I bought the game day one release on the 360. Damn shame it fell on the same day as Red Dead Redemption.


Loved but not unconditionally at release. Still got the limited collectors’ edition on 360.

I also grabbed it on Steam (during a sale, not the most recent one) and I’ll probably go back for a 3rd time through one day (played twice on 360 due to in-game commentary the second time through).


That’s weird- I bought Alan Wake years ago, yet also in May- the 30th, not the 15th when it got down. I probably should play that someday, huh?


I had it on 360 but now added it to my Steam library. I remember really liking it but I never went back and played it again.


Never played it, but I was interested in it before news of the delisting, so I jumped on the sale. I only have a Mac though, woe is me. I share my Steam library with my friend, so I might nudge her to play it so I can backseat game over screenshare.


I bought them or was gifted them, played the first episode of Alan Wake for Halloween on a whim, went “that was awesome, I should keep playing that” and then didn’t because Halloween was over and I fell out of the spooky mood

Does that count? It stayed installed on my system for like three years before I cleared it out for HDD space


American Nightmare is secretly a genius video game.

I’d have to play it again to remember why I felt that way after completing it years ago. >_>

Bounced off the original hard, almost quit after one chapter, but persisted and… fell in love. Game is so good.


I played the first hour and wasn’t really convinced. The intro/tutorial mission is incredibly bland and ineffective at pulling me in its atmosphere. Granted I didn’t expect Silent Hill but still, it felt kinda like Deadly Premonition intro mission except you’re not in disbelief to see what’s happening.