[Roll20] [Recruiting] Spycraft and Torg


Hey Discourse-havers!

I’m looking to see if anybody reliable and cool is down to join games I’m running on the weekends.

The first game is Spycraft: Lighthouse, a semi-weekly superspy game using the Spycraft 2.0 system which is split between a Saturday game set in 1967 and a Sunday game set in 2017. Both games start at 12 PM CST on their respective days. We’re telling the story of a Good Guy Agency’s origins, its struggles, and the consequences of the Cold War in a modern context - but with more running, shooting, and Mission Impossible-style hi-jinks than that sounds. I currently have 2 players in the 1967 (Saturday) game and 2 players in the 2017 game, and I’d like to get one or two more for each.

The other game is Torg: Storm Front, a semiweekly Saturday game using the revised and updated rules for Torg, a game about an invasion of earth by other dimensions representing a variety of genres (horror, fantasy, pulp adventure, etc.) This game also starts at 12 PM CST, happening on the day I’m not running the Spycraft game. The heroes are Storm Knights, people (and other creatures) from all over the Infiniverse to help Earth fight against the bad guys in high-flying cinematic style. There’s a new version of Torg called Torg Eternity planned to Kickstart sometime later this year, so we may end up switching to that if/when it finally happens. I have 2 players - one’s playing a Holmes-style vampyre hunter and the other is a Frankenstein-style monster who’s decided to fight for the good guys and happens to have the face of the vampyre hunter’s brother. Its awkward. Anyway - looking for 1 or 2 more players!

Lastly, I have yet another Spycraft 2.0 game called Real American H.E.R.O.es, which is a setting based on the old G.I. Joe comics/cartoon - pulpy and fairly ridiculous military fantasy about soldiers fighting evil masterminds and their lieutenants. Its scheduled for semiweekly Wednesday nights at 8 PM CST, and I’ve got 3 players currently. The game is much more tactical/map oriented than the other two games, being as it tends to involve our improbable soldiers facing numerous dim-witted minions in explosive firefights and ninja battles.

Caveat: All three of these games are crunchy! Like real crunchy. I emphasize narrative and characters in all of my games, however, and we’ll be happy to help anybody willing to learn.

If any of these games interest you or you want to ask for more information, post here and I’ll try to get back to you! Thanks so much!


Wow, all of those games sound awesome. I feel like the 2017 spycraft one would be most my jam but if pans out that there is one that needs players I would happily take that one whatever it is


Cool! I can message you details on the Lighthouse 2017 game.