Ron Howard Takes Over Han Solo Film


Edit: Ron Howard is the new director of the film.

Original post below:

"Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are talented filmmakers who have assembled an incredible cast and crew, but it’s become clear that we had different creative visions on this film, and we’ve decided to part ways. A new director will be announced soon,” said Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm in a statement.

“Unfortunately, our vision and process weren’t aligned with our partners on this project. We normally aren’t fans of the phrase ‘creative differences’ but for once this cliché is true. We are really proud of the amazing and world-class work of our cast and crew,” stated Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

The release date of May 25, 2018, remains unchanged.

Note: There’s reportedly still 3 weeks of shooting left.


Wow there goes my main reason for looking forward to this


I always thought the idea of a young Han Solo movie was bad and this news doesn’t give me any confidence that I’m wrong.


Well, this sure is a bummer.

Does anyone know how much has been filmed already? It seems like it should be close to wrapping if the release date is staying the same.


Filming was supposed to wrap up in 3 weeks (until now), and it started back in February. Production will shut down for now, re-edits will begin for the scenes already shot, and they’ll continue from there.

Also in that same article is a report that Ron Howard (Deadline says he’s most likely the new director), Lawrence Kasdan, or Joe Johnston could take over directing. Kasdan has worked on the film since the beginning, and he had clashes with Lord and Miller. They say that the clashes happened due to this:

Lord and Miller (21 Jump Street, The Lego Movie) have a comedic sensibility and improvisational style while Kasdan favors a strict adherence to the written word – what is on the page is what must be shot.

The creative clash, according to one insider, also came down to differences in understanding the character of Han Solo. “People need to understand that Han Solo is not a comedic personality. He’s sarcastic and selfish,” said that source.


And to add to all of that, the standard slate of reshoots were scheduled for later in the summer, but who knows how that’ll be affected by all of this.


Huh, hm. Yeah… that’s not good.


This is bad, but not nearly as disastrous as their departure from the Flash movie was for my interest in the project.


han solo is the person who said “I’m fine, we’re all fine here. How are you?”

He’s funny as fuck and super weird. He fronts like a suave dude but that falls apart almost instantly. That’s a super bad read on the character.

Ths is the guy who knows Luke for ten minutes and decides to

-risk his life to save him
-give a big ole hug when they make it

He’s a sarcastic selfish person if you watch the first part of the first movie.


There was a time when I was way into the idea of a Han Solo movie, and I think I still am somewhat. I’m wondering though if that was more a desire to see more Star Wars stories during the reign of the Empire; when Star Wars was good. in era when all George Lucas seemed interested in showing us was the Old Republic; when Star Wars was bad. (Except for KotoR which was alright, but would have been better if it wasn’t set during the Old Republic IMHO.)


Gonna echo other people: was sceptical about this, Lord and Miller sold me, now I’m fully off-board. How far from the “vision” were they that the mooted replacements are so diametrically opposite to their comedic and filmmaking sensibilities? What did they think Lord and Miller would do, based on their previous work?

It leaves a similar bad taste in my mouth to Edgar Wright getting shunted off Ant-Man for being too…Edgar Wrighty, by all accounts? Heard that movie turned out okay but I can’t bring myself to watch it, knowing what could have been…

And I mean, the whole thing was borked as soon as they cast Emilia Clarke over Tessa Thompson??? Idgi???


Yet somehow Colin Trevorrow is somehow still on for Episode 9 after making three pure stinkers in a row.


I was really looking forward to this specifically because of Lord and Miller. Every movie they’ve made over the last few years has been really decent, not to mention smart and funny. They looked to have assembled a really good cast too.

Han Solo was always going to be a difficult character to reboot. You’ve got to recast Harrison Ford - who was perfect for the role. I mean, maybe in a parallel dimension, we would have had Kurt Russell as Han Solo in Star Wars and that would have been awesome too. But it must be so hard to find a young actor to step into the shoes of that role. You’ve basically got to find a man’s man kind of dude who is also an actor, who consequently doesn’t give a shit about any of the goofy shit that might pepper a Star Wars film.


As perhaps the only Hail Caesar! stan on earth, I wanna point out that the actor they got to play Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) is a delight to watch, and even though Lord/Miller exiting bums me out (and whoever they bring in will likely sand it down), I’m excited to see if that guy brings it like he did in Hail, Caesar!


The ONLY explanation/outcome I’ll accept is that they realized that Patty Jenkins is a much better fit for Episode 9 than Trevorrow was ever going to be, so they’re rotating him to Han Solo–with a lot of backseat driving from the story group–to make room for her to wrap up this leg of the franchise.


I saw Hail Caesar and was really pumped to hear that Alden Ehrenreich got the gig. Rumours from set seem to say that Kathleen Kennedy isn’t happy with his performances. That and Lawrence Kasden didn’t like the improv Lord/Miller were doing on top of the script.


People were upset about that but it turned out everything about Ant-Man that was good was added after Wright left so they may have had the right idea.

I’m torn on this because on the one hand losing directors this late is bad, but on the other hand Han being a sarcastic piece of shit is pretty core to his character. The EU novels and comics and stuff treat him like he’s a charismatic good guy who was down on his luck when he got in trouble with Jabba but it was always the opposite, he’s a scumbag drug smuggling con man who rises to the occassion for his new friends and then not long after the rebellion is over he goes back to what he knows best. I was impressed they were consistent with that in Force Awakens.

So maybe this was the right move to keep the character consistent, I mean I liked Rogue One a lot despite it having late reshoots too and some odd choices. (softening up its protagonist among them) so I’m not as down on the movie as I’d normally be for going through some reshoots.


The question is how the new director will deal with all the scenes already shot and somehow film the rest without it being too inconsistent. I don’t think something like this has happened recently so deep in production (except for Rogue One sort of, but the director didn’t flat out leave). It feels like there will be two halfs of Han from the directors, one sarcastic, and one charismatic, which may lead to a messy film.


I think the biggest red flag is that they still have plenty of filming to do and they fired the directors without having a replacement immediately lined up. This is going to be messy, no way around it.


Someone on twitter made a joke about Kevin Smith clearing his schedule and staring at his phone in anticipation. I…actually wouldn’t hate that. Smith’s Green Arrow comics were pretty cool, I thought. He might be able to handle wrapping up these reshoots for something he obviously loves.