Ron Howard Takes Over Han Solo Film


This had lost me when I’d heard about the whole “Han’s real name” thing. Now this? It’s DOUBLE lost me.


Oh I saw the film Kevin Smith directed but didn’t write and…it was not a good film


Kevin Smith hasn’t been involved in a good film since before most people reading this post were even born.


If Kevin Smith directed the Han Solo movie:

Han: (One-liner paradoxically referencing Ewoks and the Battle of Endor.)

Chewie: “Snoochie boochies!”


I’d argue Kevin Smith has never made a good movie honestly.


It turns out the producer of Jurassic World is Kathleen Kennedy’s husband, so it seems like its locked in.


Well that’s… hmmmm…
I’m hoping that the fact that directors tend to not get as much control in big franchises works in the audiences favor with Trevorrow. I mean, I didn’t like Gareth Edwards’ previous movies, but Rogue One still turned out pretty good. So hopefully ep 9 turns out surprisingly good too?

and thinking about Star Wars and direcotrs has made me realize that the world desperately needs George Miller to make a space opera. Like, c’mon… Mad Max IN SPACE. We need it.


Looks like it’s officially going to be Ron Howard:


Going to put your link in my post, thank you!


I thought Rogue One was a mess really. I found Monsters interesting and admirable, especially from a technical production stand point, but Godzilla was a loveable mess that only worked because of the premier chunky fishdog on show.

I saw a clip where he talked about making RO as a series of interesting set pieces stitched together by a story… and to me that’s a bad way to make a coherent and enjoyable film. I think The Machine had a lot to do with it though, really sanded down the edges of the story, and the shift in tone of Jyn’s story from the original trailers to release made it feel like a hollow film to me. Pretty, but ultimately not the film I thought it was going to be. If The Last Jedi disappoints i’ve little faith in the rest of what they’re doing.


Lucasfilm can’t really fire a director just because his last movie sucked, though. Don’t get me wrong, I hope they take Trevorrow off Ep. IX, but it’s a bad look if they fire him for no other reason than The Book of Henry was terrible.


I’d argue all his films are terrible and that JW only made money because it was JW, but yeah, you’re right, they can’t just ditch him.


I look forward to the remake of Splash with Han Solo as the mermaid.


Honestly, I still think the concept has merit, and I think Ron Howard can do a good job and get it across the finish line.

But I would much rather have gotten the Lord and Miller version, and that’s clearly not happening now.