Ugh who’s flow is being stolen on the Street Fighter III theme?? I can’t put my finger on it. It’s driving me crazy.


Hey please vote seriously we’re about to have another bloody tie situation and can we not have that again?

K thx


My vote was deadly serious. I fear for the results of this round as I suspect many here will choose… poorly.


Do the right thing Waypoint.

Do the Katamari.


Oooh, this is good too–very chill. I think I prefer the electric version overall, tho.

As for the current bracket…

I think the DOOM theme loses something without the synchronised shotgun cock, but it still got my vote–I like the Bayonetta theme, but the DOOM theme is just such a perfect expression of everything that game was.

Oh, and Katamari on the Rocks is one of the best pieces of game music ever made and I’m listening to it right now even tho I’ve already voted soooooo…



Nascence - Journey VS The Sun Rises - Okami - 7-11

Main Theme - XCOM: Enemy Unknown VS Lord Laharl’s Hymn - Disgaea - 8-10
Theme - Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved VS Katamari on the Rocks - Katamari Damacy - 2-16
At Doom’s Gate - DOOM (2016) VS Mysterious Destiny - Bayonetta - 11-6
Main Theme - Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike VS Virtue’s Last Reward ~Orchestra~ - Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward - 11-6

Tie-breaker gives Okami the win! Disgaea’s toybox nonsense outpaces XCOM’s more traditional score in a close match, while DOOM 2016, 3rd Strike, and Katamari destroy their competition with ease. Now, who’s next!?

Bracket Here:

Vote Here:

Also please remember to listen to everything before voting, you can’t retake the survey once you start it! You press submit and that’s it!


Overture - Dragon Quest VIII VS Huzzah! Still Wondering What If… (Eng) - Deponia Doomsday
Solitude - Tekken 7 VS Menu Theme - Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
At Doom’s Gate - DOOM (Original) VS Main Theme - Bully
One More Soul To The Call - Silent Hill: Homecoming VS Title Screen - Skate or Die 2

Deadline is April 7th by 7PM Central

EDIT: I just noticed the Pokemon Gen 1 theme got on their twice and I’ll cross that bridge with a vote next round on which theme continues on without a match since this bracket will get confusing if the same song beats both lol


Skate or Die is a rough one. I was totally ready to vote for it when it was just yelling at me to skate or die, but then the actual instruments kicked in…


Yes!!! All 5 songs I voted for won, with Okami winning be the sweetest of them all. Still, pour one out for Mysterious Destiny, Geometry Wars, Journey, and VLR.

I like that Tekken 7 got matched up with Pac-man CE. Sure, I wanted them both to go far in the tournament and not one to drop first round, but they kinda scratch the same itch for me, even if Tekken 7 is more of a softer piano and CE has dat bass. Have to side with that beautiful piano tho.

Doom, Dragon Quest, and Skate or Die were pretty no-brainers for me this round (and, yes, I listened to both songs in each matchup :stuck_out_tongue: )


If Skate or Die wins this and then takes out Halo 3 I will be perfectly content with the rest of the bracket.

Keep in mind Skate or Die is over 2 minutes long on an NES cartridge. It was made when EA still produced electronic art.


Honestly didn’t think it would a hard choice between one of the best Silent Hill themes ever composed and Skate or Die 2, but here we are.

BTW, I am voting in these, which is why I have the surveys set up so you can revote or cast multiple ballots. This way, I can’t cheat the system.



Overture - Dragon Quest VIII VS Huzzah! Still Wondering What If… (Eng) - Deponia Doomsday - 12-2
Solitude - Tekken 7 VS Menu Theme - Pac-Man Championship Edition DX - 10-5
At Doom’s Gate - DOOM VS Main Theme - Bully - 13-2
One More Soul To The Call - Silent Hill: Homecoming VS Title Screen - Skate or Die 2 - 8-5

Expected results this round (though all but one of you is wrong about Deponia Doomsday i will sue fuk as)

Bracket Here:

Vote Here:


SPECIAL VOTE: Because Pokemon Gen 1 got on there twice with the same theme, I’m going decide which of the theme’s opponents will go on without having to have a match. The other will go up against Pokemon as normal. Just pick the one you prefer!

Balance Slays the Demon - Alan Wake’s American Nightmare VS Lord Laharl’s Hymn - Disgaea

And the rest…

Hills of Radiant Wind - NieR VS To Zanarkand - Final Fantasy X
Gallowmere Waltz - Medievil Resurrection VS The Vth Vanguard - Wild Arms 5
Celtic 1/Urban Aire - Magic and Mayhem VS Pleasantly Understated Credit Sequence - Sam and Max Hit the Road
Friends - Sonic Mania VS Theme - Secret of Monkey Island

Deadline is April 8th by 7PM Central




Hey, you came close to beating bloody One More Soul to the Call, that’s an accomplishment in itself.


I think Sonic Mania coming with its opening animation is an unfair advantage. It’s really tough to not feel great just watching that.


Just using the videos supplied to avoid another Metroid Prime debacle.


Remember to vote, everyone!


This round has been a huge difficulty spike for me. Hills of Radiant Wind vs To Zanarkand AND Balance Slays The Demon vs Lord Laharl’s Hymn were both harder than any of the previous matchups. I listened to each piece a buncha times, but I’m still not completely sure I made the right call on either.

I was the Deponia Doomsday voter by the way. Gotta find a way to work, ‘You old amaurotic pinhead’ into an actual conversation someday.


Good news on the special vote, the loser is still in, they just have to face Pokemon gen 1 in round two.


Oh yeah, I knew that—the choice was still really difficult, though. The Pokemon Gen 1 theme would be a tough opponent on nostalgia alone, even if it weren’t also genuinely good.


The funniest part is that I nominated all three yet I really only want one to win now