Royal With Cheese - the fast food thread


So I have a fascination with fast food. I don’t eat lots, but every now and then I need something DIRTY.

I watch the Chicken connoisseur videos, I check Burger Lad (hate the title) and obsess over fast food reviews.

Anyone else into fast food? I lived in the States during my high school years and have a serious Arby’s obsession too…


I’m obsessed with the gourmification of fast food; the way that people will mythologise their local Indian or chippy, and insist that they do the best chips and cheese out there.

I also actively engage in this behaviour, and I think it’s a very reasonable thing to do. There IS often a noticeably distinction. Most of the people I like and identify with have never had the money or the upbringing to have any kind of opinion on fine dining, and there’s no reason that the chef at my local can’t put a little bit of love into every hoagie.


I come from the Netherlands where you can just pull deep fried snacks out of a wall. You know, for on the go. For everything being deep fried and greasy there sure is a wide arrange of snacks to choose from, which I kind of love.


We’re through the looking glass here, people.


I love fast food a lot, especially Taco Bell and McDonalds. Honestly one of the biggest bummers about being unemployed and broke right now is that I can’t fulfill my garbage fast food crazing.



When I came back from Amsterdam I missed Febo more than (almost) anything else.


Recently gone vegetarian and I find it really easy, except when it comes to fast food. I miss plain double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s so much.


I was vegetarian for 6 years (don’t get into The Smiths as a teen) and the biggest thing I missed was a Big Mac.


Twice a month I’ll satisfy my garbage food itch. I’ll go to Wendy’s for a 3/4 pounder and a 10 piece spicy nuggets. In a couple of weeks I’ll go to Taco Bell for a double steak quesodilla and a beef quesoritto… It’s horrible, but that’s why I leave it for a special treat for myself.


I definitely get the itch for trash meals. My favorite is definitely Taco Bell. I get that itch pretty much whenever I talk about it. So now I need to get myself a quesorito. The problem being that there’s only one Taco Bell remotely close to me and it’s still a bit of a destination when I want to go there. I guess that’s not really a problem. It’s saving me from myself. Also really love Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwiches.

More regularly, though, I go to places like Five Guys and Shake Shack. Fast Food, but a bit of a step above, I suppose? Man, I’m hungry…


In glasgow and Edinburgh there was a massive “posh burger” boom, so we have 5 guys, we have Byron, we have burger meats bun etc. The breaking point for me was on a trip to London when I went to meatliquor, which was amazing, but their signature “dead hippy” is designed to replicate a Big Mac.

I’ll take the Big Mac.


“NEVER PAY £15 FOR A BURGER” written on the back of young Liquid’s jacket in MGSV




I like a few odd things, although some places aren’t super open to customization, so for me - as someone with a few dietary restrictions - it isn’t always the best option. No where does chicken tenders better than a fast food place, though, it’s never crispy if you get it at a sit-down restaurant.


Used to live in the Rockford, Illinois area. There’s a local chain there called Beef-a-Roo. It’s probably the thing I miss the most (sorry friends and family, but priorities.) Only moved 90 minutes east but it’s hard to carve out 3 hours for to score a double bacon cheeseburger, no matter how much it’s my most favorite food.


Thank goodness for In-N-Out’s protein/animal-style or I would’ve likely broken my diet last week. Ungh ghhhod mustard-grilled patties inna thick shea of crunchy lettuce.