Rumours from more Capcom leaks - dragon's dogma

Hey, a bunch of sites are posting about a schedule of Capcom games coming out from 2022 onwards.

Includes Dragon’s Dogma 2!

Naturally, these are leaks and rumours so may not be legit, use with caution.

What are you most excited about on this list?

A new Power stone would be a welcome thing right now IMO.


I never made it to power stone. From a cursory Google it looks kind of like smash meets virtua fighter or something. Is that anywhere near?

C’mon internet don’t tease Austin like this.

It’s what I would call a party brawler and where Smash can be played competitively I do not think you will find anyone going to bat for a ranked mode in Power Stone.

It’s a really good game to have out at a party because it’s flashy, it’s very easy to learn, it’s over the top, and it’s just kind of a hey we’re going to just chat while smashing buttons. And where as with Smash you’ll get that one person inevitably who is actually decent and wants others to know no one is actually mastering Power Stone because there’s nothing to really master. If you turned off items and the big flashy Power Stone moves/transformations it’s no longer Power Stone.

Basically it’s the game I would like to play right now on a Friday night discord call.


You’ve sold me! My brother is that one smash guy so this is very appealing. Sounds like this would be a good switch game, its always things like overcooked and towerfall that come out when I have people over but they can get kind of intense in the wrong group. Off main topic but got any good party game recommendations? We’re in lockdown in the UK rn but when it’s over it would be nice to surprise my buds with something cool.

From the leak I’m mainly into dragon’s dogma 2 because I never thought it would happen and I want to hear Austin talk about it on the pod. The first one felt a bit under done but had such potential + compelling jank. Open world games have changed a lot since then so really interested to see how how that might influence a sequel.

I love it, but/so the “Remake” part makes me a little itchy. I’d rather Power Stone 3 AND a straight remaster*. Although this whole list seems like a Lapsed Capcom Franchise fantasy wishlist, really.

*doggedly using this in the movie/music sense, but sub for “port” if you prefer