Running just as fast as we can - The Umbrella Academy


I’m a little late to the party on this, but is anyone else watching Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy? I was not familiar with the graphic novel, but gave it a shot over the weekend. So far, a few episodes in, and it’s one of my favorite new TV shows in a long time. It’s everything I wish The Magicians or the Miss Peregrine movie was.

There’s a definite (early) Burton-esque feel to the whole production, with lots of overly-stlyed, anachronistic touches. The story introduced plenty of mystery without straying into the JJ Abrams school of mystery for mystery’s sake. I have questions, but they aren’t frustrating and don’t feel like they’re there just to confuse the viewer. Add in a killer soundtrack and so far it’s just hitting all the right notes.

Speaking of the soundtrack, if you’re wondering about the title of this thread and haven’t seen this making the social media rounds yet, may I present The Dance Scene.

I’ll be honest, the first time I saw this, I thought it was a really excellent cover. And technically it is - it’s Tiffany’s really excellent cover. I do not remember this song being this good.

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I liked it much better than any of the other comic book shows on Netflix/cw/whatever. It struck such a good tone of being somewhat grounded yet super weird, the focus on the character development rarely strays into “wow being super sure is a burden” like most other shows and instead focusses in on “wow, our dad really fucked us all up, huh?”

It’s also just nice to see Robert Sheehan in things again and he’s by far the stand out character of the show.

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It was strange to see his character from Misfits displaced into another superhero series. :smile:

I enjoyed the feel of this show but when I finished the series… uh without going into spoilers I didn’t feel especially satisfied by the answers I did get, and I wasn’t keen on how many hooks were left for the next season. I can go into more depth if people have finished the season and want more discussion, but it broadly fell to me as another Netflix show that’s good at compelling me to watch more episodes but then feels like empty calories.


this is a gripe I have about MANY shows, but yeah immediately moving onto the Sequel Hook rather than give us a satisfying conclusion: Sucks

overall I liked it!

I liked the song choices less and less as the show went on (overly cheerful music over violent fight scenes has been Done - Istanbul Not Constantinople worked, and then every one after that didn’t really, for me? Don’t Stop Me Now is about the least inspired choice you could make) - my friends all hated the Dancing in the Moonlight bit, but I really liked it (tho it did go on too long, and imo could have included other people)

Ben would be my favourite if he had an ounce more attention. Klaus is my heart’s favourite, but Number Five steals the show.

(not into Luther/Alison as a thing, sorry)

also fun fact the first fanfic I published on ao3 was about the flash singing tiffany’s I Think We’re Alone Now at karaoke. I didn’t actually realise it was a cover haha, but yeah that was a good bit for me.


It was strange to see his character from Misfits displaced into another superhero series.

This was all I could think about! Nathan was my fav in Misfits, and seeing essentially more Nathan was really fun.

Same with the empty calories feeling, but sometimes that’s what I want and need. I would like to see more. With shows like this, i’m more interested in the characters doing their thing than getting any real answers or conclusion to the plot, so it works for me