S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Developer Asks Fans to Donate to Ukraine Military

GSC Game World, the Ukraine-based developer of the forthcoming S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl, is asking people to donate to the armed forces of Ukraine. It pushed the message out on Twitter and Facebook, and as an update on Steam.

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This should be required reading for anyone thinking about the current situation in Ukraine, and I would highly advise anyone to not donate to the Ukrainian military’s’ patreon.

The article is pretty damn irresponsible tbh, but I’m not shocked it was uncritically published


Another Gault Classic.

I didn’t read anywhere in the article where Gault actually encouraged anyone to donate. A game developer appealing for funds for donations to a national military is a pretty unprecedented and I would say news worthy story.

Can someone explain to me what Gault did or said to cop the ire of the Waypoint forums? Was it liking Cyberpunk? Seems all his articles attract snide comments.


I know he caught a lot of deserved flak for naming Cyberpunk his game of the year in an article which seemed to have a lot of glee for a mess of a launch which was partially dominated by stories of horrific working practices involved in getting it out of the door.


The official line goes something like this:
Russia’s demand that NATO cease its expansion to Russia’s borders is viewed as such an obviously impossible demand that it can only be understood as a pretext to invade Ukraine.

This hasn’t aged well given that, well, that is exactly what has happened.

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Please stop spreading misinformation about what happened in 2014. The US is not the only actor on the world stage with agency. I am so sick of every discussion on Ukraine completely erasing what the people in that country actually want.


I‘m a Ukrainian and definitely not here to legitimize the invasion. Trying to discourage scrutiny of NATO / US foreign policy is irresponsible at best.

If this gets buried in addition to all the distruction the Russian forces are doing Ukrainian labor rights will be completely eroded and Ukraine will be hostile territory to marginalized people even more so. I’ve already seen things like „Azov Battalion is fine actually and saying otherwise is buying into Russian propaganda“ floating around the discourse. With Azov Battalion being the far right military group with SS Panzer division symbols as their logo.


This is definitely a choice of a thing to publicize.

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It’s almost like countries near Russia have a reason to want to be part of a military alliance. Wonder what that reason could be.


There is a difference between discouraging scrutiny and combating misinformation.

The events in 2014 were not a US/NATO backed coup plot. There is an idea among some people that any protest outside the ‘US sphere of influence’ are automatically illegitimate, saw the same thing with the recent protests in Belarus and Cuba. Its really frustrating to watch people on the supposed left cheering for police crackdowns on peaceful protests because the politically support the government being protested against.

The Azov battalion and far right movements/parties are an issue in Ukraine, but often get overblown. In the last election far right wing parties got 2-4% of the vote, the President of Ukraine is Jewish but I still see people making claims that Ukraine is a neo-nazi state.

Whenever NATO expansion comes up I see people talking about the US promise not to expand, I never see people talking about what the Eastern European countries that joined wanted. We are right now seeing what those countries were afraid of. I also never see mentioned the actual security guarantees that Ukraine got from the US and Russia for giving up the Soviet nukes that were on their territory when the USSR collapsed.


I will not post any takes on the broader situation here especially while it’s going on, as this isn’t the forum to do so imo, meaning irrespective of all the other comments I will only state some of my iron principles concerning the topic of this article and then leave this thread: I will never donate to any standing military of any state ever, I am always against imperialist war, always against nationalism, always for internationalism and always for the class war!

Make of that what you will.


That article is terrible. Not only does it just straight-up parrot a lot of Russian state talkin points but it ignores the pretty important fact that Russia views Ukrainian sovereignty as illegitimate. I am so tired of some people tying themselves into knots to claim that they are anti-imperialist by supporting another different imperial power.


I think you can make an argument up until a point that tensions in Eastern Europe and Russia’s place in the world are influenced by the expansion of NATO and the US approach to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the impact it had on many of the people who live within its former borders.


That doesn’t explain nor justify Russia’s invasion. It is unconscionable, unjustifiable and it’s led by a man who himself has pretty clearly stated that he’s not motivated by these factors. He doesn’t consider Ukraine as a legitimate state and has railed strongly against Ukraine, the actions of his predecessors and a sizeable portion of his own population and the near entirety of the international community.


Rob put it well at the start of this weeks podcast. Framing this conflict only in terms of US imperialism, as many on both the left and the right have, is incredibly incomplete. The history of Ukrainian national identity its complex relationship with the Russian state predates the existence of the United States.