Sadly, ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Has Been Delayed Until September

CD Projekt RED has announced a several month delay for its ambitious RPG, Cyberpunk 2077. The game was originally scheduled for release on April 16. Now, it’s September 17.

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Positioned to come out right at the tail-end of everyone being done and disappointed in the Avengers game.


Sad, I know everyone here was really really looking forward to this one.


All I know is that this is all Jason Schreier’s fault.


I’ve been worried about the game’s scope ever since they said they were putting in a car racing system.

Hadn’t heard that rumor…

The last thing I heard was that the kind of chaos you’d expect in a GTA game wouldn’t be possible.

March/April games being delayed got me like


I can honestly wait for DOOM, but I need that Animal Crossing in my veins.

But, hey, if the delay means Cyberpunk might actually handle trans and queer people well, I’m all for it.

Doubtful, but you can hope.

This is really, REALLY funny.


It’s not a rumor. They announced that street racing would be in it last July. Along with dynamic rain and being able to travel out into the surrounding desert.

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Keanu insisted that this game couldn’t come out before Bill & Ted 3. Who is gonna go see a Bill & Ted movie in a theater when you are busy being a Cyber Punk for hundreds of hours?

To be fair, The Witcher III has horse racing, so it’s not like this is a major scope change from what they did before.

Without outing my Twitter handle:


Animal Crossing has the industry running scared.


I hope everybody’s wearing football helmets… cuz all the big games are dodging each other into each other!

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Confirmed: Dodgeball quest in Cyberpunk real reason for the delay.

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Cut to me laughing maniacally while spending the first half of 2020 playing only games I got from pre-2015 Humble Bundles

But seriously, if Animal Crossing is delayed I will riot in the streets.

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I’m waiting for the rumored Half-Life: Alyx delay to kick in for the full panic circus experience.


CD Projekt Red and any game they make can go delay themselves into the heat death of the universe. Fuck 'em.


Good. Came out a week after Final Fantasy 7 and that comes out a week after Resident Evil 3. I only have so much free time and disposable income!

This is kind of funny to me. Just yesterday I was having a conversation with my coworkers about upcoming games. Someone asked what games folks think will be delayed and I immediately said “Cyberpunk” which garnered responses of “fuck you, you’re not wrong but fuck you.”
And today I loaded up the news and saw this and kind of just chuckled.

I’m anxious to look forward to this because a lot of what I’ve read about and seen how this company handles things makes me feel like they don’t see it as anything more than an aesthetic and that we’ll be seeing shitty jokes along the same lines of their awful twitter account.
I mean, it’s still preordered because I had store credit, but I’m fully expecting it to miss the mark.

FFVII scared them! Cloud Stride is STILL A THREAT.