Saints Row 2 (and the rest)

So on the 11th year Anniversary stream for Saints Row 2 yesterday, Volition dropped a bombshell letting everyone know that they managed to get ahold of the source code for Saints Row 2 and are in deep in development on major fixes for the PC version of the game on Steam. They’re so big, in fact, that its receiving a new application ID on Steam, so it’ll be a separate game than the one you already have.

Best part is, it’ll be free for those who already own the game.

The reddit topic with TLDR bulletpoints
Link to Twitch video (Starts at ~27:30)

2 for a lot of the fans, myself included, is considered to be the best of the bunch. It’s very sincere and manages to flawlessly tow the line between zany goofiness and brutal drama. It’s a lot like Yakuza that way, but the story missions tend to be more lighthearted than your adventures with Kiryu and Co.

It has one of the most realized and lived-in cities, in my opinion, of any open world game of this type (Grand Theft Auto alikes). Each district is unique that has its own personality, so it makes navigating around very easy and you don’t have to rely on the map so much, the pedestrians always have something funny to say that reflects the story mission you just did and there are a lot of hidden away fun places to discover, including a shopping mall that has no icon on the map.

The game also has one of the best character creators. A wide variety of clothing options (A slot for every kind of clothing and accessory, basically) that can be layered on top of each other and a gender slider (Masculine/Feminine it’s called) that allows you to create any kind of character you want.

Honestly, I could write ten more paragraphs on the game because it’s one of my all-time favorites but since it’ll be getting a major update to make it a good and proper PC game soon, I hope people will give it a go. I liked 3 and 4 well enough but 2 was truly an amazing game that was sadly overlooked at the time.

It’s 10 bux on Steam. I recommend picking it up then giving it a whirl when the update comes out.

Oh and have this fine piece of media:


I wonder if they still have licenses for all the music? 2 had a great soundtrack.

I’d be so grateful for a current-gen console port.

The way they’re getting around that is presenting this update as a patch rather than a re-release or HD port or what have you. It’s also why it’s free to folks who own the game already. Part of the update includes improving the audio.

Did they say when the update is dropping?

Seriously, the first time I launched the game on my 360 and Wale just blares out “That’s my name and they know it/The home of the go-go/Forever we are focused” was so powerful. Just a fantastic soundtrack, across all the different genres they friggin’ nailed it.

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Saints Row 2 is such a good game but compared to the other pc releases SR2 on pc runs pretty janky, getting it updated will be awesome!

I don’t love SR2’s story the way a lot of fans do, but it’s still a good time with a phenomenal character creator. It’s worth noting that the creator of the excellent (and extremely goofy) “Gentlemen of the Row” mod, IdolNinja, has been working at Volition for a few years now and is one of the devs on this project.

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I think it’s honestly the best of the series.

I’m one of those guys who LOVED the middle ground of goofy to serious set with Saints Row 2.

There are a bunch of fantastic dramatic moments in SR2 that I still remember to this day: