Sally Yates Testimony at 2:30 Today

She will be testifying before a Senate subcommittee regarding Russia’s influence in the 2016 U.S. election and retired General Michael Flynn. This follows breaking news just this last hour that Obama himself had cautioned Trump against hiring Flynn back in November.

So, who else will be watching?


She’s on now.

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I’m watching now. If you missed the gentlemen talking before here, he had some real strong words towards the severity of the threat this whole Russia mess presents, and Mr. Whitehead before him went in on Trump like white on rice.

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Oh, that’s the real reason she got fired. She’s competent, no room for that in the current governing philosophy.


This hearing was worth it just to watch Yates clap Ted Cruz on national television.

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I was listening to a few Congressional hearings related to this case earlier today. I’m waiting for Al Franken to cut some heads again.

But why wouldn’t this conspiracy be just as happy with Trump willing to go to war over nearly nothing? Seems to do the same job.

Really glad our community is so intensely self-policing (I say this entirely non-ironically.) This is how we keep a healthy, positive environment that doesn’t dissolve in to other aggregate forums.