Say mean things about games you love

*This is for being critical of things you love not literally mean the title is tongue in cheek. Just to be clear :smiley:

Prey could have a better ending
Dark Souls does have a transmisogynistic streak. It really sucks
Bloodborne is not technically perfect
Final Fantasy Tactics isn’t on PC
Mass Effect 2 spends way too much staring at Miranda’s butt
Persona 3 and 4 are not anywhere near as good or progressive as I remember and I sort of regret the time I spent with them and the admiration that in retrospect I am not sure they deserve
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne has a homophobic streak that I could really do with out


The one dog that appears in Lightning Returns is, uh…

In fairness, its a model originally made for Final Fantasy XIII that was meant to be viewed from a very long distance and thus didn’t require high detail. But still!


The most vocal of the other players in pretty much every competitive online first-person shooter I’ve played enjoys using slurs that insult marginalized groups. I suspect that they don’t have any concept of the world outside of their small group of peers. Or perhaps they have generalized the cause of some personal injury so broadly because they feel so utterly powerless.

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That’s a great dog model. I like stuff like this where it shows such a mixture of ambition and efficiency with the tools. Realism typically bores me when it is successful.

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Dwarf Fortress has terrible graphics.
Fallout 1 has horrible companion AI.
Deus Ex has some racist Asian voice acting.
X-COM: UFO Defense has a terrible UI.

The Mass Effect series can be… Really god damn sexist.
Fallout New Vegas’s has a lot of quests that are longer than they have to be and more broken than they should be.
Persona 3 and 4 could really have done with some of the localizers realizing they didn’t have to include as much queerphobia as they did.
The Dragon Age series does not have great combat
The Baldurs Gate series would be much better if it didn’t rely on completely broken real time combat using a incomprehensible edition of D&D


There’s no acceptable excuse for the homophobia, leery nature of male characters, and awkward, literal translations of Persona 5. The DanganRonpa franchise’s “Cute/TORTURE!” vibe is not nearly as enduring as it thinks it is (And its transphobia and fan service elements are REAL offputting). Twilight Princess drags hard early and doesn’t get going until well after the third dungeon. God of War has some real women problems. Metroid Prime/Super Metroid/Metroid Zero Mission didn’t bring World Peace.


Witcher 3’s best content is its DLC. Resident Evil 4 gets route around Chapter 4. Halo’s latter half, if being reductive, could be considered Halo+Zombies. Ultimate Spider-Man simplified its web shooting mechanics just a little too much for its own good. Titanfall 2’s campaign doesn’t have DLC.


Persona 5 - I want to be gay with Yusuke! Real talk bad last palace design, homophobia, take a step back from the literal translations, and hold back the male gaze or make the girls push back a little.

Zelda BOTW - Also homophobia, maybe even worst than Persona 5. Make the side quest better, fuck rain!

Nier: Automata - Combat not as interesting compare to other platinum games, collecting missions, and I got depressed.


Gone Home is one of my favorite games but I’d love to get more games with that kind of wide appeal made about (and preferably also made by!) older queer women.


Everyone needs to stop with all the “Fuck Boats!” nonsense. Rain is the worst.

That’d be fantastic. It’s a view I don’t see enough of in pretty much any medium.

In Bayonetta, Enzo is pointless and annoying. I would pay for DLC that removes him from the game.
Also, I can’t recommend the game to people without prefacing with a laundry list of warnings about problematic characterizations and scenes.
Lastly, I’ve bought it three times and I’d buy it again and that’s kind of my own fault, but I should get a free art book or something.


Dragon Age: Origin’s art design and main plot are bland.
The Asari are a dumb concept in Mass Effect and non-straight non-male main characters have been treated as an afterthought in the series.
I would have liked to see more female characters in the main plot of Yakuza 0 that played a bigger role.

Psychonauts’ ending is so bad it’s baffling (it locks you out of the open world when you beat the game)

Sly Cooper 1 missions where you don’t play as sly are so bad, sucker punch should have cut them

I don’t think I’d ever call Skate 3’s world “good” or “coherent”

Borderlands’ has some of the worst writing I’ve ever heard in a game.

Learning the insults/how to swordfight in the first Monkey Island overstays its welcome and kills the games momentum once you’re already pretty deep into it.


The story that The Beginner’s Guide tells makes it difficult to actually discuss or analyze without feeling like you’re somehow missing the point of the story, and it becomes a bit of a convoluted (but interesting!) mess of a discussion about the nature of authorial intent that sometimes is a bit Much to think about.
Borderlands 2 is so aggressively dated to 2012 that it’s sometimes physically painful.
Sometimes the visual/graphic style of Pillars of Eternity detracts from the potential drama of a scene. I also think that, while one of the big moments in Act 2 (iirc) was super interesting, the way it’s ultimately resolved made the world feel a little flat, which is a shame.
3/4 of Transistor’s villains are queer, and while they’re all sympathetic, well-meaning villains, it’s still like… did no one stop to think about the implications they were laying down here… Not helping is the fact that one of them is an Evil Jealous Lesbian who kicked off the main plot because she wanted to get in between Red and her bodyguard (the main characters).

  • The UI of Spelunky is too big and it often subtracts information from the screen instead of adding to it.
  • Halo 2’s campaign levels are too long.
  • Spider-Man 2: The Movie Game’s endgame is doo-doo.
  • Titanfall 2’s in-match character management is clunky and weird.
  • The best part of Mass Effect 3 is its multiplayer. The worst part of Mass Effect 3’s legacy is its multiplayer.
  • Luftrausers overstays its welcome.
  • Prey’s console load times are abysmal, especially near the end of the game.

I can not play Gone Home without thinking about how there’s a non zero chance that Steve Gaynor has heard me talk about Nathen Drake’s man yogurt. I refuse to provide any context for this


Resident Evil 7 is one of the best horror games I’ve played in recent memory, but it falls prey to some of the worst horror tropes I’ve seen in recent memory

Zelda breath of the wild. Has no postgame and I can’t play as zelda or a girl link.

Persona 5, can’t have a gay relationship but u can date a traumtised middleschooler… I enjoy the girl from Splatoon but hey a phantom thief can only take so much heat.

Undertale. Ending credits minigame would b harder if more people worked on the game