Say nice things about Detroit


Michigan Central Station is very pretty, and is now well into its restoration process!


Without Detroit venues, very few bands would perform in this state.


I had some really good food in Greektown a while back!


I did a concert there at a convention a few years ago and everyone was really nice.


One of these two restaurants is really good. Lafayette


The Guardian Building is amazing.


Also, John King Books is worth an afternoon of your life.


I heard they made quite a few cars there, that was nice of them


It is so easy to lose a day there! It’s the only bookstore I’ve been to where they give you a map of the building.


… it’s Lafayette that’s really goodd :slight_smile:


It gave me my first few jobs as a teenager (Comerica Park and Joe Louis Arena) and, man, how I wanna work there again…


I grew up outside of Detroit and loved visiting! I remember falling in love with the the People Mover stations. They’re super duper gorgeous.


I’ve never been there, but I’m sure that the actual city is a nicer place than David Cage’s Detroit: Become Human will be a game.


Detroit has some of the coolest wacky things that are much harder to organize in cities that might give you legal troubles. A monthly appearing traveling barcade, a cool body image positive burlesque scene, a runway fashion show with a half pipe for boarding and biking entertainment, football bowling, and a pretty decent always evolving food scene.

Anyway I live here and it’s pretty rad.


Detroit City Football Club is full of good people.


i’ve been lead to understand that the packs of wild dogs rarely, if ever, attack adult humans


The time I tried to go to roller derby, the match was sold out. I was bummed yet also happy to know there were so many derby fans and supporters in the area.


DCFC Games are a great experience.

Family Friendly!


Never been, but I hear you can buy a house for basically nothing. That’s pretty good.

  1. Not a sandwich
  2. Good art/music scene, from what I saw. Admittedly I haven’t been there in a couple of years and when I was I was just passing through, but enjoyed the visit.
  3. Robocop