Say nice things about games you don't like

Final Fantasy XV’s auto-snapshots is really amazing and gives a real buddy-roadtrip sense to the game.

Beyond Two Souls has some really nice pieces of life moments about the main character’s youth.

Telltale’s Batman focuses more about Bruce Wayne and that’s refreshing


Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has really good music!

The Last of Us has incredible cutscenes.

I don’t like the Uncharted games but I love their attitude.

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Dark Souls has some fantastic artistic design.

The Witcher 3 has an incredible sense of place and a world.

Super Mario 64 has some brilliant music.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution has a lot of neat and weird cyberpunky corporate visuals.

Final Fantasy XIII has a pretty excellent battle system.

Fallout 3’s subway system is the best part of that game, and really should have been all or most of it.

Hearthstone does a very good job of making a digital card game that is actually engaging to play.

Fallout 4’s base-building stuff seems really cool.

Dragon Age Inquisition looked nice, I guess.

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Wasteland 2 had really solid combat mechanics.

Skyrim’s sense of scale was pretty damn breathtaking at the time. Its public adoration spurred a huge public interest in more complicated hard fantasy stories. You can also mod it to the point of oblivion (pun intended)

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Catacomb Kids’ movement feels good and the weapon variety is decent.

Ori and the Blind Forest is gorgeously animated and runs wonderfully even on old hardware.

Rogue Legacy had an interesting idea placing all your failed characters in the same family tree.

Actual Sunlight tackles real topics like depression and self-image.

The Fall’s general atmosphere was really well-done, the premise was really interesting, and I liked the main character and her skewed morality a lot.

Dragon Age II has you covered if Frankenstein Mothers are your kink.


No Man’s Sky - That a lot of planets!
Assassin’s creed - That a lot of people!


Grand Theft Auto IV had an unflinching dedication to its core themes, right down to its aesthetic choices.

The interplay between Cassandra reading Varric’s books in secret and being all ashamed of it while publicly placating him as a no-good drunk libertine really engaged me in dragon age inquisition.

Kingdom Hearts is a weird conflation of two things that shouldn’t work together but do!

Call of Duty has some exceptionally intense multiplayer.

MOBAs (I know, I’m kind of cheating mentioning a whole genre) have been quite successful when it comes to influencing the way a lot of games are designed.

  • KotOR lets you chuck light sabers at enemies
  • Assassin’s Creed usually has interesting places to explore
  • Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks was an interesting concept
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DOTA 2 has an enormous amount of depth, allowing players to customize their playstyle as they see fit.

Skyrim and Fallout provide giant playgrounds full of NPCs, which is pretty damn impressive from a technical perspective and I totally get why people get so engrossed in those worlds.

Mass Effect Andromeda has absolutely gorgeous environments.

Thumper is extremely good at being tense and unsettling.


Dragon’s Dogma had a rad-as-hell theme song and a great opening sequence.

Final Fantasy X has cool looking chocobos

The Zelda games paved the way for the Souls games
Breath Of The Wild looks like a Ghibli movie. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. Like, maybe too much
Nier: Automata uh, um. Well. It earned some people a paycheck. That’s good
Persona 5 was really easy to play and the UI was cool
BioShock: Infinite has some really good art
Final Fantasy XV has a good selection of music to listen in your car
Deus Ex has a really good cheesy theme song