Say nice things about games you don't like

Ocarina of Time had a fun story and a lot of interesting ideas for dungeons and puzzles. Definitely elevated the series and genre in a lot of ways.

Soul Reaver had a really cool dynamic with Blood Omen that hasn’t been explored much since in other games or series where you spend an entire game as one protagonist just to spend the next game trying to undo your accomplishments from the first game.

The Last of Us has a very moving ending.

The trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is still amazing.

Luftrauser’s soundtrack and implementation of that soundtrack is incredible.

Bioshock 2 has some great story DLC.

Uncharted 4 has unbelievably good facial animation.


The animation in Metal Gear Solid 4 holds up really well nearly 10 years later.

Dota lets you play as a big ol’ spider which is pretty cool

GTAV’s open world is really beautiful and the level of detail for a space of that size is really incredible

Wait I can do better!
Nier: Automata has some good sidequests with decent writing in them


Her Story legitimately does really tight, interesting things with it’s UI and framing device. I also really like the risks it took with using FMV and hope it encourages more interest in that genre space.

The Subspace Emissary mode in Super Smash Bros Brawl was a load of fun, and I think it had much better character designs than I think a lot of people give it credit for.


The Longest Journey had some cool looking locations.
Escape from Monkey Island had a cool time travel puzzle and some good music.
Gravity Rush 2 has some lovely music and more of a social conscience than I expected

Majora’s Mask has some unforgettable horror elements that somehow don’t derail the game’s core adventurous identity.

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So some important context here is that, as per the thread, I don’t really LIKE anything else about Fallout 3. Nothing in that game really works, but the relevant bit here is that I find the open world extremely uninteresting and dull. None of the locations make sense to, and the environment itself is just a blur of indistinguishable browns and greys with a green filter.

The subways are a welcome reprieve from that. The colour scheme still isn’t great, but at the very least Im not distracted by thoughts about the rest of the game when I’m in them. I can ignore the story, I can ignore my burning questions about where the hell people are getting food, and just shoot things.

And this isn’t to say the subway is only good compared to the rest of the game. I, likewise, was glad it WASNT in Fallout New Vegas, because that game is better in basically every way so I didn’t NEED a reprieve but I can still appreciate the sense of claustrophobia you get when you’re down there.


Halo 5 still had really fun combat!

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MGSV has beautiful graphics.

Destiny has really comfortable shooting mechanics.

Fallout 4 had probably the best combat of any of Bethesda’s big sprawling rpgs.
Ocarina of Time laid the basis for the good 3D Zelda games.
The Nemesis System was great in the Mordor game I forgot the name of and don’t care enough about to google.
Life is Strange spawned a lot of good fan-works.
Fable 2 had a dog in it, and that’s always good even if it was annoying in practice.

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Fallout 4 has crafting better than maybe any other RPG I’ve played.

AC: Syndicate (I was bored, okay) has a really good soundtrack. Thanks Austin Wintory!

Transistor is a gorgeous game, both in looks and sound.

Overwatch runs real smooth on my PC

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The emphasis on mobility is Bioshock Infinite’s combat was a breath of fresh air, and it had a lot of pretty colors!


For Honor has such subtly stylistic art direction that you could almost let the way it animates its characters creep into your own historical lens to the periods it mimics. I could see myself starting to believe that every Viking looked like that, that every castle in medieval England was so sharp and crisp and kinetic, simply because For Honor makes it all feel so natural.

Assassin’s Creed 2 is probably the least fun game I’ve ever beaten but the “final boss” fight being the pope getting jumped by Ezio and his shadow clones is a top 10 hilarious moments in video games for me.

Dragon Quest Heroes is gorgeous and charming as FUCK!

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The narrator in Bastion was cool.

Skyrim lets you change the dragons into trains.

DOTA 2 has fun announcer packs that I only get to hear when I’m playing against easy bots.