Say nothing about games you feel indifferent about



Dota 2

Heroes of the Storm


These are games that exist. They most certainly do exist and I have no strong feelings about them.

What Did You Think of Destiny When It First Came Out?

Is “The Unfinished Swan” a sandwich?


Horizon: Zero Dawn is, as far as I can tell, a game.


MOBAs. They exist as far as I know.


I’m being told Rogue-likes continue to exist despite marginal relevance to Rogue. This is an occurrence I am aware of.


The Last of Us exists.


The Call of Duty franchise is a thing that keeps on continuing to happen.


Modern sports games get made. Every calendar year. You may purchase them in a store in exchange for currency.


Super Smash Bros.: you press the buttons on your controller and smack your friends, I suppose.


A character is moving through space over an interval of time. Maybe the character is moving from bottom to top, or from left to right. These days, more likely than not, the character is moving in. Regardless of the overall direction of travel, the character encounters objects, terrain, and situations which cause the character to temporarily double back, switch around, or otherwise maneuver in order to continue unimpeded.

Wow this is fun. I would pay good money, and spend good time outta the only lifetime I get, in order to participate in this activity.


Recent scientific studies have concluded that Halo is, in fact, a video game.


Recent surveys by the meteorological society into elevated level of perspiration entering the atmosphere through key communal events does in fact indicate the presence of a man-made phenomenon pointing towards the existence of a videogame called dota 2 on our plane of consciousness.


Forza is a series of five characters in the common alphabet of the Romance languages that, when parsed as a word in Italian, translates to the English-language notion of “power.”

Forza may well be used as a referent for other entities as well—really, who can say?


At least the Madden games have a consistent release schedule


Diablo 2 set the bar for games that are Diablo 2.


I’ve heard Nier Automata exists.


The entire JRPG genre.


Borderlands is a video game series filled with jokes that likely have the intention of making a player laugh.


I hear tell there are many people who play “aretyesses.”


BioWare is a video game developer located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.