Scottish fans of Giant Bomb and Waypoint- Hi!

And why are there so many of us? We seem to make up a far more significant proportion than might be expected from our population, based on correspondence that both sites receive (and from scanning the introduce yourself thread on here!)

But yeah, say hi!


Hi! We must be so into videogames because the weather’s too shite to go outside.

Saying that, it’s a gorgeous day in Dundee. 12 degrees!

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Yeah the sun is shining in Glasgow too, trying to savour it ~

Hello from Edinburgh, from a weegie who lives on the east.

Why are there so many Scottish people on every bloody forum I go to?! The Edge forums were overloaded with them.

Anyway, it’s gorgeous in Edinburgh too.

We also have all the Avengers filming going on at the minute. Chris Evans was in Opal on Friday. If you know opal you’ll wonder how he made it it alive.

This’ll probably be the only place where I can get away with an “awrite troops” on this forum :grin:


OMG get him down to see Albert Shakespeare :joy:

awrite troops

Another Glaswegian here o/

Yuptae? \o.

Another one!

I was born in London, you’re all good haha

They’re no here for long pal, get yersel oot on the toon

It’s also roastin doon here in the wilds o Galloway. It’s the only thing that can keep my attention away from the election long enough to stop crying.

My parents live in Dalbeattie. It’s a dump.

As a filthy Londoner that has the pleasure of somewhat frequent trips to Scotland for Royal Navy larks, I really wish I lived in the Highlands. You guys have such a beautiful country.

P.S. Please don’t leave us alone with the rest of England :cry:

Too late we are in full gtfo mode

Yeah y’all don’t know it but the real reason we all support the SNP is because they’ve secretly told us about the enormous laser cutter they’re building for “relocation purposes”.

cuts through carlisle, massive boot kicks us towards iceland



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Shhh… we shouldn’t be talking about The Laser in a public forum >.>

Good morning.

Nae tam sauce? That must be a dry bite.