Scottish fans of Giant Bomb and Waypoint- Hi!

I was born in London, you’re all good haha

They’re no here for long pal, get yersel oot on the toon

It’s also roastin doon here in the wilds o Galloway. It’s the only thing that can keep my attention away from the election long enough to stop crying.

My parents live in Dalbeattie. It’s a dump.

As a filthy Londoner that has the pleasure of somewhat frequent trips to Scotland for Royal Navy larks, I really wish I lived in the Highlands. You guys have such a beautiful country.

P.S. Please don’t leave us alone with the rest of England :cry:

Too late we are in full gtfo mode

Yeah y’all don’t know it but the real reason we all support the SNP is because they’ve secretly told us about the enormous laser cutter they’re building for “relocation purposes”.

cuts through carlisle, massive boot kicks us towards iceland



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Shhh… we shouldn’t be talking about The Laser in a public forum >.>

Good morning.

Nae tam sauce? That must be a dry bite.

Aye, it’s roasting today. Hope this isn’t the entire Summer just squashed into a single weekend.

I’m heading over to Edinburgh today for a first DnD session with friends. Hoping this will be a regular thing but we’ll see how we go.

I genuinely thought Opal had closed until I saw that story, I lose track of which of those New Town upper-middle-class, sports-jacket-and-bow-tie-with-moet-table-service places are actually still open or not at any given time.


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Anybody here go to TRNSMT? Would like to here any thoughts and\or opinions.

Reviving this thread to see if anyone would be keen to join a Scottish Waypoint Discord server for patter and to maybe plan some meetups/multiplayer games?

Scottish Waypoint Fans on Discord


I like this idea. :slight_smile:

Hey! The mod team just wanted to make a point here to say that we have no issue with someone running an unofficial fan Discord off their own back, but we just want to underline, in rough accordance with our policy on Community Clans & Guilds policy (although a fan Discord is different to a clan or guilt), that this is, well, an unofficial fan Discord that has no connection with the official Waypoint Discord, which you can find here (if this link expires, feel free to reach out to moderator M_o for a new link!) if you’re looking for that.

All power to y’all and I hope you have a good time playin’ games and meeting up!

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Appreciate the transparency - thanks for making that clear and giving us the green light. Keep up the great work!

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