Screw Video Games, Let's Guess XFL Teams Based on Their Crappy Logos

The fall is almost upon us, and you know what that means! That's right, it's American Football season, and that means we're gonna try and guess the names of the recently revealed XFL teams based only on their team logos! Then we check in on Patrick as he tries to unravel the mysteries of evolution in Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey. What is the difference between a branch and a stick? Patrick doesn't know, and neither do we. After the break, Austin checks back in with the surprising world of Remnant: From the Ashes, which has some well written narrative moments that he wasn't expecting. Then Cado tells us about the intriguing but frustrating Oninaki, which has an intense narrative setup, but doesn't ever feel good to actually play. Then we get lost in the woods with Danielle as she explores the new Blair Witch game. Yes there is a dog, and yes you can pet it!

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I’d just like to point out that the Dallas Renegades logo looks a lot like the logo and colours for the defunct CFL team the Ottawa Renegades. And apparently an esports team called the Renegades thinks it looks like their logo too.

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you’re not doing fallout; you’re doing quake.

i have to add remnant to my list now i guess.


I saw all these logos with no context and thought they were new OWL teams. Something about them—the fonts especially, and the overall one-dimensional sleekness—feels like it screams esports to me.


I want to play Remnant bad but Control comes out in like 4 days and I want to play it too. Speaking of that im guessing nobody on the podcast js reviewing or even playing it currently? Shame I would love to hear opinions on it.

I am living for this Hot Mic Mornings energy.


Dunno if it’s just my end, but the podcast embed is about 4 screens tall in the article for me. I know we’re all about long podcasts here but this is ridiculous! *gets dragged off stage *


no you’re definitely not the only one, the podcast keeps absorbing all the other text on screen like a terrifying rectangular amoeba for me as well


same. i was getting this starting from… the fire emblem difficulty one? but that and the wintory interview one seem to be displaying at a normal size now that i go back to them.

They said Rob is playing it which is why he isn’t on the show.

I loved Danielle ruining the game and Patrick being upset. More of that please.


They said Rob is playing [Fire Emblem] which is why he isn’t on the show.

If I recall correctly, Austin and Patrick and Rob are each playing a different house. I would love to hear each of them pitch Danielle on their house of choice.

Nope, they need all routes covered. Danielle has to do the church route.

I’m so glad Danielle finally referenced Starship Troopers because the moment they said “Roughnecks” I had a Casper Van Dein yelling “COME ON, YOU APES, YOU WANNA LIVE FOREVER??” in my head and the theme song playing:

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What’s up with Danielle’s bad audio in this episode?

Can someone please please please fix Danielle’s audio setup. Between the redlining and yelling over the XFL game, this was a hard ep for headphone users.


XFL is an idea that was too dumb for its time when it initially aired but is perfect for the Trump era.

The weird thing is that this doesn’t seem to be the old XFL. This seems to be a souped up semi pro league.

As somebody who had the “privilege” of seeing two New York/New Jersey Hitmen games in person at Giant Stadium back in 2001, that’s what the old XFL was too.

Totally, it was amateur hour. But that XFL had a gimmick. This XFL doesn’t have that gimmick. This is just trying to be a spring football league to take advantage of Americans willingness to watch any football (which doesn’t explain the AAF or the Arena League). The XFL doesn’t even have a real TV deal. They’re not making money on TV at all, which is wild to me.