Searching for Divinity(2)


I’d love to see the avatars of anyone else playing the game? The armor is wild and the character creation has some great stuff in it. This is my lizard battlemage, Lagriacrus.


I don’t have a picture of my Lizard man but I do have a picture of Sebille in this lovely and practical and not at all staggeringly awful “plate armor”


Man I am LOVING this game. I am at work so I don’t have any screen grabs but I’ll post some later on. Glad to find some other waypointers on board with this one.

I have a Dual Wield Fane Rogue on classic mode and a Knight Red Prince on tactician mode.


i’m not very far into this game, but i’m having such a good time playing it co-op with three other friends on discord. it turns into this cooperative problem solving game both in quests and in combat.

here’s my undead elf inquisitor, Alisa. i love playing her because that combination means i am just some horrible corpse-obsessed demon - elves get to eat body parts to gain access to memories, so every time someone finds a body they’re like “hey man, can you eat this leg for me?”, and in combat i get to do all sorts of grody shit with corpses and blood. it’s great.

also, as an undead you have to have equipment in your head+torso+leg slots or else everyone will attack you on sight for being an undead, which is fun, but i have no idea how that cuirass is fooling anyone right now.


The antler headdress looks great on the skeleton elf body. I got a new set of gear last night I can show off when I get home. My lizard boy is looking sleeker and deadlier than ever while Sebille and Lohse look like homeless people.


I’m a bit surprised this thread isn’t more active, this game is amazing.

I’m having a real hard time picking which companions I want to roll with though, and potential minor minor spoiler

I really want the black cat to follow me but he imprinted on the Red Prince so he left when I asked him to leave the party :frowning:


I was the good boy so the cat wants me so I summon him every battle now. Everybody’s jealous of my perfect sleepy cat.

Game’s real good, currently i’ve three playthroughs with a different group of friends and in just the first act there’s an astounding number of ways to work through it.


Just hit the second act and the difficulty spikes like CRAZY. I find that you need to re gear almost every level which is difficult.


I really like the look of the elved and their armor, though some of the later ones look better. The way armor changes baded on the race wearing it to match their aesthetic is cool. Elves in this setting are nea though, not just a generic fantasy take. I like the less human look with their bones and musculature and the flesh-eating thing.

I’m a ways into the 2nd act and loving it, gonna be one of my fav games this year. Playing as Fane and rolling with Ifan, Sebelle, and Lohse. I was going all wizard with Fane but I realized, since i was focusing on summoning and necromancy, that I didn’t really need the int stat, so i respec’d to have more str and be capable of melee.

It’s been a while since the first game but the writing in this one seems a lot better, the characters and smaller stories and world details are great. Also I really like the soundtrack? Which I didn’t expect. Usually fantasy game soundtracks just kind of exist but don’t stick out

Also, re: difficulty, it’s def harder than I expected (I’m playing on normal) but I’ve mostly been enjoying that since it’s forcing me to change things up


I just find it very telling that they made the elves different and interesting in ways that are traditionally appealing by the standards of the fantasy genre. All by a lead artist that wrote an angry blog post about how SJWs were trying to censor him with the first games cover art.


:thinking: I don’t really buy that. I don’t think being gaunt and tree-like and eating flesh are traditionally appealing in fantasy settings? Having very natural and flowing armor is though, sure. And it doesn’t cover a lot of skin (especially the one you posted, I’ve found most of the other or later ones are better, I’m at work so I don’t have screenshots though). I still like the way it looks overall, it doesn’t read to me like it’s trying to make the elves look sexy


It’s very much of a brand with a certain type of European fantasy art:

And then there’s a few others that I either can’t find anything in English for and don’t feel like diving into dot ru sites to find. And even ignoring the elves the humans and dwarves don’t fare much better anyways with anatomy often exaggerated differently from armor to armor. In a game that strives for consistency at all times it’s really a let down and shows were the art teams priorities were. Only the Lizards fare any better and work as a much better example of how they could have handled things. Though even there it’s far from perfect.

And all of this is well before you get into the gross “tribal” armor a lot of mages wear and so on.


Hold up, are you telling me that they brought this guy back for the sequel?


To my knowledge he never left


Out of curiosity I looked through the credits of the game, the team looks a lot bigger than the first 1. Even if that dude is shitty I don’t think the game suffered much for it, there’s a lot of artists on there. One other thing I noticed that I wasn’t aware of before (and is different from DOS1) is that Chris Avellone is credited, which, along with all the other new design and writing talent, is probably one reason the narrative feels a lot stronger than the first one did.


Here we go, this is what Sebelle is rocking rn in mygame. I’m here for this look


Elf torsos creep me out so much in this game


Yeah same.

Yesterday I got to an encounter against some magisters that was going well but then a ton of voidlings started showing up. I think they might have been infinitely spawning from some oil pits but I’m not sure. I haven’t encountered something like that before though, I like that there are sometimes combat encounters that are kinda puzzles or require outside work that isn’t just the combat


My only beef with armour designs is all the undead ones still keep their form for whatever race they are.
I get it would’ve taken ages redoing all the designs again but man it’s weird looking at all these curvy skeletons.


Haha yea, I scrapped my first playtrough the moment I put plate armor on my undead elven lady. It was just a metal bra…
Heavy armor does look totally fine on Humans and Dwarves tho