See Below Thread


I caught the Giant Bomb Quick Look last night. Dan was doing a corpse run to try to get his lantern back and complaining that the lack of a lantern makes it significantly harder to get back to it than it was to get there in the first place, which is a complaint I’ve seen in other reviews.

He gets within seeing distance of the corpse, then rushes a little, steps on a trap, and declares he is never playing the game again.

But the whole time, I wanted to scream, “use your torch!” It seems like Dan never knew there was a torch, and Alex - who had also played a few hours - never said anything about it either. And I don’t think torches highlight traps? Or maybe it’s the lantern that doesn’t highlight traps? And then I realized there probably couldn’t be a better 15 minute summary of the game, for better or worse.


I keep trying to respond to this video but…what’s the point. if you feel like you’re the kind of person who wouldn’t (or wouldn’t want to) experiment in Dan’s situation, then…yeah, don’t play Below

to answer your question, @WastelandHound: no, fire light doesn’t highlight traps, but the glowy diamond things that fuel the lamp, which you get by killing enemies, can be dropped by pressing down on the D-pad, like markers. They highlight traps just like the lamp does, because they emit the same light, and you can pick them up again when you’re done with them.


So I’ve put about 5 hours so far into this game, and I have to say, I’m actually having a swell time with it! I was quite worried with everything people were saying in the thread, but the game has grown on me fast. As I theorized, it reminds me A LOT of Rain World. And in this case, that’s a good thing. But I 100% see why others would not like it.


UGH y’all yheees a lot I wanna say about this video game but I’m waiting to finish it , and I’m also writing on it already

As a question: has anyone figured out what the Skulls do? The armor is pretty explanatory, and I think the Marbles upgrade the pocket, but I have no idea what the headgear does.


i started streaming this (which, highly recommend, way more fun that way imo), and some of the folks in my chat started giving me oblique hints about that. it seems to be sort of like a…disguise? like, certain armor sets you pick up in certain areas will make things easier, in one way or another

i wish i could be more specific but honestly everything in that game is so purposefully oblique, that’s about the best i could do lol

i’ve also really turned a corner with this game, in terms of appreciating it. it’s still faintly cruel, but at least i feel like i understand it better.


I ended up looking it up. I would have preferred to have found out myself or by conversation, but the size of the community around this game is small enough that it’s hard to get. The skulls offer a few buffs and effects. Some are way more useful than others. I can share which ones do what, if you want to know!

I’ve really been loving the kind of meditative rhythm I get into with this game. Surprisingly relaxing for how tough the game is?


maybe i’m just a more anxious person, but i definitely don’t get a relaxing/meditative vibe haha. i’m jealous!

i think i would if i didn’t feel like i always had to be thinking about the survival elements. i can never get “in the moment” because i’m always thinking about the current run in relation to my previous and next ones. do i use my elixirs now, do i double back and die somewhere easy to conserve resources, etc.

as is usually the case, i find that it’s all fun and games until i die twice, losing my stuff and all desire to try again lol. i’ll be back, but god it’s punishing


Oh no trust me I am an incredibly anxious person, it’s just that some of the smart design in Below has helped me get over some of the typical hang ups in games. The limited inventory helped me stop hoarding, and all that

My biggest revelation that helped me though, would be realizing that you actually don’t lose much on death.

Once you’ve unlocked a couple shortcuts and a couple secrets, most of your inventory and most of your progress is super easy to get back. That changed the way I looked at progress. Like now I thought of these items as replenishible, something I could easily get again, and finding a shortcut opened the whole area up into something I could just return to. It all turned into a nice routine for me.

Delving into a new level is still spooky as fuck tho don’t get it twisted