SEGA Is Finally Bringing a Super Popular Arcade Mech Game to Console


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I’m still waiting with bated breath for Haunting Ground to get ported to PS4 or something. My PS2 works but is finicky with some games (runs Silent Hill 2, but won’t run Zone of the Enders, etc), so I don’t want to shell out $60+ for a game that might not even work on my system. Love the Clock Tower games and gothic lit, so HG has always interested me.


Keeping to the mech theme, Metal Wolf Chaos. I’ve already seen pretty much everything the game has to offer via LPs but some small part of me still wants to see it before my very eyes, just so I can understand that the same people who made Armored Core and the Souls series also made a game in which the President of the United States wages a war (against the evil Vice President) in a mecha.

However, $436 for a new copy is pushing my love of mechs and hammy dialogue to its limits.


I’d kind of say the whole Rock Band experience is something that growing up I thought would never be possible as a home experience. I remember seeing videos of Bemani games like Guitar Freaks from Japanese arcades, thinking it was so cool but nothing like that would happen here, let alone be something individuals would be able to own, and would feature music they already know and love. Then Guitar Hero happened, and rhythm gaming would never be the same again.


That’s a good point!

I’d be curious if there would be a market for a flight stick-esqe set up for a mech game, especially a console version of the Gundam battle pods arcade game. I’d be 100% on board.


Capcom actually did something like that once! The producer on the project pretty much outright said they did it to prove that it could be done, and considering the price of the peripheral it inevitably did not make money at allllll.

Really cool though!


I forgot about that! Thanks for posting.


this was me last year with Gundam Versus and Senko no Ronde 2. I never thought id be able to play such niche releases here but I’m so glad I finally got to do the bullet hell mech fighting game id missed out on


I’m not sure how much it really amounts to, but there’s that Gundam VR “experience” in Odaiba ( that I suppose would be my white whale. If it wasn’t for the travel time/expense I’d go in a heartbeat.


someone brought a setup to MAGFest once and getting to play it for a couple hours was a religious experience