{Seinfeld voice} What's the deal with Focus Home Interactive?

Patrick breifly mentioned Focus Home Interactive on the podcast Monday [I can’t find a story or generated forum post of Monday’s WPR. I’ll be happy to move this there if I’m just missing something.]

I am fascinated by Focus. Not by the fact that they’re one of the few true mid-tier publishers left. Not by their seeming business strategy of publishing RPGs whose scope is about 60% too big for their devs’ resources in the hope of unearthing the occasional Divinity: Original Sin.

No, what fascinates me about Focus Home Interactive is their preview videos, and specifically The Voice-Over Guy.

Many Focus games have extensive preview videos hosted by the same pleasant-sounding, excited-but-not-too-excited British gentleman. These videos completely eschew the two modern types of in-house preview videos - trailers with little or no narration, or faux “interviews” over gameplay with producers/designers/whoever.

Mr. Home Interactive’s trailers are long, straight-forward videos that extensively detail the world, story, combat system, etc. with just his own scripted narration over them, always opening with “Welcome to NAME OF GAME HERE.” These games all have different developers, so this is definitely something happening at the publisher level.

A sampling:
Welcome to Shiness:

Welcome to Mordheim:

Welcome to The Technomancer

So what’s the deal here? Does anybody know who this guy is? Is he PR? Community manager? The CEO? (Please say he’s the CEO.) Just some VO guy they like? I’m completely infatuated with this.

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a bit like the “travel brochure” style narration in this gta online ad: https://youtu.be/Hj9N5lZodH4

Hold on, I have a connection inside the company and I will figure it out.

It is Michael Douse, now at Larian Studios. IDK if that means he won’t do any more! I also hope my actual knowledge did not soil this.


Tell your connect that I would take it as a personal favor if they could get Wargame 4 made pls - FHI owns half the rights and that series was amazing

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That’s perfect, because now I have a name and a face but it doesn’t answer the “why” in the slightest. :+1: