'Sekiro' Feels Like the Evolution Dark Souls Needs

Happy Thursday... and happy BONUS podcast day, too! Yesterday on Twitch, we revived the old "VICE Gaming's New Podcast" format to to talk about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Fromsoft's upcoming ninja-action game), which Austin got about an hour of hands-on time with a couple of weeks ago. Spoilers: With its streamlined focus, It looks and feels like a great next step for the team that brought us Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

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Good show!

On Daemon X Machina, Austin worried how the Nintendo Switch will keep up with all the explosions going on. At Gamescom 2018, Nintendo UK have more footage on the game:

Short answer: not well. It’s not super awful, but the frame rate is pretty chunky, particularly during the big boss fight with 3 other allied NPCs. I just noticed that this game is using Unreal Engine, which I can’t recall Marvelous using in any of their other games. Maybe things will smooth out as they keep hammering on the game!

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