'Sekiro' Makes Me Feel Unstoppable (Even When I'm Dying)


Soulslikes were never supposed to be for me. A year after I took my first steps into Yharnam, I still, to this very day, can’t get over the fact that I was never supposed to like these games, let alone be good at them. I was not that type of gamer, whatever that means. I had already assumed that door was locked without bothering to try and open it. But after my… emotional journey through Bloodborne last year, I realized that these games had been for me all along.

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Waypoint, I love y’all and I love the Soulsborne games, but I’m kinda on a media blackout for Sekiro right now because it’s super close to release and I know I’m going to enjoy it.

Now I’m seeing a Sekiro discussion episode in my podcast feed, and y’all got me feeling extra conflicted.



Guys i don’t know if i can last two weeks until this game.

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You can. it’s a game. hype is fake.


two things:

  1. Sekiro seems dope and I really want to play it!

  2. Gundam, what? Fuck it man, I’ll pay a buck to hear Austin shit talk Code Geass all day.

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but when you think about it, is it really?


Sidenote: Listening to the podcast discussion about this, I was ranting about Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do To Deserve This? when they were talking about game titles with question marks. Very glad they came back to it. And such a great game.

Also, Sekiro sounds great!


I was actually initially kinda meh on Sekiro cuz this kind of period fantasy is very well tread, and it doesn’t have the 70s action movie stylishness of Tenchu, but tbh just hearing Natalie mention the themes of Loyalty and Sacrifice coming from FromSoft is enough to get me interested cuz that sort of thing is a real current in Dark Souls, especially around the Queelag stuff, the characters around her and the other Witches of Izalith were always the most interesting part of that game to me. I think they can produce something interesting here.


Aside from RE:2 remake I have not purchased a game released this year. I am def going to jump in to Sekiro with both feet when it releases. I haven’t read this article and I haven’t seen any of the video that released this week. Looking forward to going in blind.


Wish they had kept with the character creation of all their other games instead of it just being some dude.


This piece and the podcast preview legit sold me on getting the game on release instead of waiting and finishing smaller games. Fuck my backlog’s drag, right?


for some reason during this podcast I was reminded of the samurai jack ep with the robot samurai who each had their own weapon specialty


I think that’s the trade-off that comes with them telling a more character-driven and straightforward story in Sekiro compared to the open-ended environmental storytelling of Dark Souls/Bloodborne, which allowed the insertion of many different kinds of silent protagonists with different appearances. I’m personally all for it. I usually prefer what talented artists can create over whatever I can come up with in a character creator, and Sekiro looks dope.


I haven’t pre-ordered a game in I don’t know how long. (Alright, ignoring that one time I pre-ordered for access to a beta and forgot to cancel.) But yesterday I decided to bite and pre-order this, because I wanted to be able to understand T H E D I S C O U R S E around this game while it was happening. Unlike, say, Bloodborne, which I just started a few weeks ago.


I’m the opposite, I’ve been a huge FromSoftware fan since King’s Field 1 and have always gotten their fantasy games immediately (I got into Armored Core too but not nearly as much), but this is Activision so it’s going to be the first FromSoftware game in like 15 years that I haven’t pre-ordered. This type of game will have enough people that play it a little bit and hate it or people that love it but only play through it once and get rid of it that it will be easy to get a second hand one.

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Ugh yeah, that’s fair. I’m hoping that the lack of any multiplayer whatsoever means there aren’t clear avenues for publisher antics. No loot boxes or XP boosts or anything to push… although now that I say that, what’s to say those things wouldn’t apply to a singleplayer-only game too? Maybe just the fact that people won’t invest in something that they can be wholly done with in one playthrough, maybe two.

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I mean Activision went to shit in the late 80s and has had a few bright spots since, but when they hired Oliver North to consult on Black Ops 2 and also had a glamorized young version of him in the game to be seen as awesome for providing you with more weapons that kind of cemented that I would never give money to Activision ever again. And yeah technically you can hem and haw about what was intended or not with the game’s story, but at the end of the day they gave Oliver North money. Fuck Activision.

As for Sekiro itself though, I think I’m more hype for it than anything else that came out in the past year or two and anything coming out in the next year, it’s gonna own.

There is one thing I’m preemptively going to nitpick about it though, as Tsukasa Saitoh/etc. took a more direct role in their soundtracks, they’ve gotten a little more fantasy-esque. I kind of miss the harsher sort of industrial music he and others would put into FromSoftware’s games in say King’s Field II, and especially Otogi oh my God. It’s a crime that Otogi 1 and 2 are still Only On XBOX.

Here’s some weird crossover for industrial fans, one of FromSoftware’s main composers in the 90s, Koji Endo, would Collaborate with Chu Ishikawa (probably most known in the US for the Tetsuo: The Iron Man soundtrack). Check out some of the tracks in King’s Field 1 and some of the music for stuff they were both involved in like Dead or Alive and Full Metal Yakuza. :open_mouth:


The only potential “publisher antics” concern I have is the fact that it’s a late March release, so maybe they rushed a release date to have it hit in the fiscal year and the game falls apart half way through, or something.

But also this game’s been in development for uhhhhhh a while, so… it’ll probably be fine… hopefully…


I hate to be this guy but everything I’ve seen makes it look like this game is going to run like ass on the consoles. Dark Souls 3 was ruined on thr Ps4 Pro by the uncapped framerate patch and they seem to be implementing the same solution for Sekiro, which really worries me.


Bloodborne and Dark Souls III (in Japan) also dropped in the last week of March so I wouldn’t read too much into it. In fact, Sekiro will be their fourth consecutive game beginning with Dark Souls II following the “announce at E3, release next March” press tour. So yeah, that game really did establish a theme of cycles.

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