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it’s German for Shadows The Twice, so obviously From is making a sequel to Shadow The Hedgehog


I predict that this will be a video game that you can play on a screen through an electronic device.

Other than that? shrugs


Most accurate interpretation I’ve read yet.


Fun fact/potential tease: the trailer features a recreation of the horror sting from Kuon


What if it nothing at all. FromSoftware just pull a large prank on all of the gaming community?


My body is ready for the FromSoftware Cinematic Universe.


I think this video may have the answers:


You all are joking but I would jump for BoneMechs 2018

Possible names for a bone-based mech game:

Bones of the Enders
Vision of Esca-bone
Mobile Suit Bone-dam
Armored Gore
Full Marrow Panic
Pacific Ribs
The Big O! (the “o” stands for “ossuary”)
Neon Genesis Invertebrate

And Last But Not Least:


Giant Rib-o
100 Foot Robot Golf


Assault Suits Sternum
Charge 'N Splint
Mandibula Plus
New Dominion Shank Police
Shinbone no Ronde

… …

… … …



I like the direction this thread has taken.


Tengen Toppa Hyoid Lagann


…tran- Transfemurs


This thread’s unexpectedly humerus.


Definitely not Bloodborne but DEFINITELY still stressing over it possibly being Bloodborne.

As long as it isn’t Tenchu I’ll be fine.


Any reason in particular you wouldn’t want it to be Tenchu?


Stealth games bring me to tears. I’ve tried and I’ve failed to play them.


Ah okay. Valid. Stealth definitely isn’t for everyone.


I’m hoping for a Soulslike, at the very least, although if we don’t see a Bloodborne 2 ever I’ll be heartbroken. I think from what Miyazaki has said in recent interviews, it’s probable that one of FromSoft’s current projects is a Soulslike, and the aesthetic of the trailer seems to fit well enough into a Bloodborne/Souls-ish mould.


I wouldn’t be surprised if what ever this is is just Bloodborne with the Sony owned serial numbers filed off ala Demon’s to Dark Souls

I’m not saying that it is for sure that, but I’m not not saying it. I’m just also not not not saying it either


If that’s the case I hope it’s called Blood Souls or Darkborne.