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More like Dorkbone, amirite?


Face lit a cold blue by his laptop screen, Hidetaka Miyazaki sighs and lets his eyes close. Massaging his temple with one hand, he turns in his low-slung office chair to a messy whiteboard. He stands and reaches for the aluminum tray below it, picking up a squat red marker–pauses a moment, uncaps it, and slowly, deliberately, thoroughly draws a thick red x through months of design-work.
He tosses the marker back into the tray–uncapped–and stretches, trying to work the tiredness out of his back. Grabbing his jacket from the wall, he pushes past the particle-board door and out of the room, flipping down the light switches behind him.
“It really is more like Dorkbone.”


I’m honestly really hoping for a new Chromehounds-like. I think that game was way ahead of its time.


Chromehounds is definitely a game that should have come out in 2011 and not years earlier. Unfortunately I do think it’s DEAD dead. :frowning: They even make fun of its complexity and how hard it flopped in 3D Dot Heroes.


Don’t sell yourself short kid you’ve GOT THE GOODS


It was definitely ahead of it’s time to a fault. If Chromehounds came out on the XBox One or Playstation 4, they’d probably give it a big demo at E3. I honestly would love to see Chromehounds return, mainly because I never got to play it.
I also wonder if it would have fared better on a different platform, too.

1000000% would love BoneHounds the more I think about it the more I’m into it. Like customizing the type of animal femur you’re making you’re skeleton suit out of, scavenging like a vulture for carrion, minmaxing your skull to spine ratio


More games need to utilise the as-of-yet untapped potential of Skeleton-Related mechanics in general. And “Mechs, but they’re made of bones” is an A to S tier elevator pitch.


Leaked early design sketches on how combat works.



What I’ve gathered form this thread thus far is that I’m not alone in wanting this game to be anything but another SoulsBorne title. Youtube theory videos and speculation threads I usually see are just shouting for Bloodborne 2.


Also, to be clear, I have been a die-hard FromSoft fan for most of the 2000’s. I love Souls, but I want the company to move on and expand their artistic impact.


I would much prefer Bloodborne 2 to any mech thing myself but I really have never liked mechs


I’m pretty damn certain this will be the case to be honest. Miyazaki has been talking for ages about wanting to do something really weird and unlike his previous stuff. The Kuon stuff sounds the most likely to me, a remake/sequel or at least something in that particular style of horror would be brill.


Shadow Tower Abyss remake with an actual western release


I would genuinely be interested in a King’s Field/Shadow Tower/etc. Those old games look pretty clunky, but I’d be interested in what they could do with modern tech


I absolutely adore the look of Shadow Tower, it was like the embodiment of PS1 grime that hasn’t been called back to outside of maybe Devil Daggers.

Abyss also has some really cool rendering/animation for a PS2 game, like characters casting dynamic shadows on themselves n dynamic animations based on what limbs have been dismembered. Also just has deadass modern guns mixed in with all its FromSoft stuff.

What I’m saying is i’m the one person (besides my partner that discovered it with me) who’d lose their mind if this teaser was legit a new Shadow Tower.


I would lose my mind too if it was a new Shadow Tower.


addendum: Shadow Tower rules, King’s Field drools


Annnnnnnd… Was it just a remaster?


Nah, no way. They have said they have multiple projects going.


I don’t think you spend the money Keighley wants to have your trailer on his stage to hype up your remastered port of a game with a large fanbase by making an ambiguous and confusing teaser.

Then again, I’m not the one calling the shots on marketing anything in this industry so what do I know.