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Good points. I just was getting a little pre-emptively crestfallen


Unless you’re Nintendo in which case Reggie will appear personally on stage JUST to say that Cranky Kong appears in DK Tropical Storm and then peace out. :smiley:


Guys it’s gonna be a sequel to Mr. Bones

I’ll say it for those who haven’t heard the good word

Mr. Bones









I’d be fine with whatever. I understand Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne were ok, but they were 2 games too many for me, and too quickly for me personally. I’ve given them time and a shot, but it never stuck.
Lot of fun and hours figuring out demon souls, dark souls & it’s sequal.
Really missing out on a new Armored Core on the PS4, or if they are smart, on the PC.
I figure the PC would have a bigger western audience.
Armored Core 5, and AC: Victory were really cool.
It’s flaws killed the chance at a big western audience, but they did try to recapture some of the chromehounds multiplayer magic.
They figured out a lot of the problems with their latest titles.
It would be dope for them to put out a new game after what they’ve learned.
Favorite Armored Core is Nexus which was incredible, though 2 & 3 are great runners up.

I really love that feeling when you’ve prepped everything out, you react to the dance the opponent lays out for you, and then you get that final lucky strike and come away with victory.

Whatever FromSoftware touches, they seem to carry that feeling over. Looking forward to whatever the new IP is.


Called it.


Well huh. Wait if that arm has the soul of his ex lover does that mean it’s still a souls game :thinking:


Hmm. :thinking:

The trailer didn’t have me very excited, even as a pretty big Souls fan. It will probably be pretty good, but I don’t think the setting is very interesting. Nioh did it(I think?) so recently.


This is going to be the first great game published by Activision since what, Tony Hawk Underground 1? I’m super hype.

The same way Dark Souls is “Berserk but JUST NOT QUITE BERSERK ENOUGH to get us sued” I hope this game does the same but with Osamu Tezuka’s Dororo.

I wonder what the ur-influence was where we’re getting Ghosts of Tsushima and Nioh 2 and this all at once. Like how Underworld and Twilight sequels intersected with projects getting off the ground at just the right time that Sony published TWO games about secret werewolf hunting gothic blood cults whose blood usage also makes them monsters in Victorian steampunk hellholes in rapid succession (one of which is one of the greatest games ever made - Bloodborne, the other of which is The Order: 1886).


The thing that I’m most disappointed to hear about this game is that it seems like they’re stripping out so much of the customization. Part of the appeal of Dark Souls for me is that if I stagnated on a run I could always go start up a new character with a wildly different build just to goof around.

If this is just a third-person action game, that’s fine, but I’m way less interested in that.