Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - FromSoftware's Upcoming Game Discussion

At The Game Awards 2017, FromSoftware premiered a new trailer for their upcoming project. Little is shown, other than creaking metal, bone, and blood-soaked rope, and then the phrase “Shadows die twice.” But still, those familiar with their games are undoubtedly excited to see what they’re cooking up.

Many have suggested it may be a new Bloodborne game, or a new Shadow Tower game. Others have suggested it might be a new Tenchu game, too. Maybe even a new Kuon game! Maybe something else? Perhaps most excitingly, it could also be something new entirely!

Here are some things to chew on: Of course, what is the significance of “Shadows die twice”? What kind of mechanism are we looking at? Is it a weapon? And what about the writing in the background? What does it look like to you? It could look Japanese or Chinese, but it could also look like Arabic or Aramaic if you look at it sideways. What about the music? What are the things in the corners of the frame?

What do you think of this trailer? What do you speculate about the upcoming game? What are you hoping for their next project will be?

Here’s the teaser for those who haven’t seen it:


Name confirmed: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Trailer premiered at E3 2018:


Let’s be fair now, it could also be a buck-wild new direction for Chromehounds.


Personally, I have been pining for a “Yōkai Souls” for years now. (Yōkai are a kind of Japanese folk spirit or monster.)

I could go on for hours on all the dope reasons for there to be a game like this. Here are a few: kappas, oni, katanas, naginata, really any of these weapons, the nue, the fascinating Shinto mythology that could be played with. And so on. Ugh. Sorry.



What are you looking for in that theoretical game that Ni-oh didn’t do?

I’m not the “you” in this question, but I’m going to answer anyway: I enjoy creating my own characters in games, but I think From does a particularly incredible job making a completely custom character feel personal, most of which is facilitated by a broad equipment spectrum, and near pitch-perfect mechanical depth.

… really, what I’m trying to say is that Nioh’s faux-Geralt is a staggeringly boring character, and everything not the combat didn’t connect with me at all.


We definitely need someone to read reddit speculation without crediting posters, random dark souls wiki articles and google searches for “FromSoft properties” for 11 minutes and 40 seconds in order to figure out what this teaser could possibly be.

vaati vidya sucks



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  • A monkeys paw somewhere in the world curls up * It’s Enchanted Arms 2 but even more homophobic

I haven’t actually played Ni-oh so I can’t speak to this much. I would like to go play it now that it’s on PC! It’s on my radar for sure. However, from a surface level, I can say a few things.

Hyetal mentioned it, but I wasn’t much a fan of Ni-oh’s choice of main character. Like, I know it’s based on a real historical figure, which is cool, but it’s not really my jam. As an extension, the story being more of a direct narrative is not really something that scratches that Souls itch. (Though, apparently, it’s based on a Kurosawa script? That’s cool?) The art also comes off as less grim and dark. Also, really big: the general gameplay seems different. The complexity of stances, combos, and magic that I’ve gleaned is something that fits way more in line with an action RPG than what I associate with a Souls game.

To clarify, none of these things are bad things! They’re just different. I totally want to play the game! It looks like cool! And a cool game that isn’t a Souls game!


I can’t wait for Otogi III


I know nothing about Otogi was that also homophobic as all hell?

Even if Nioh’s William is one of my favourite characters this year, I do miss a good character creator when it’s not there. I missed it way more in The Surge though, your boy in that game has like zero screen presence, which is almost impressive when he’s literally the player character.

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Seems like it would be easier to say what it isn’t:

  • Dark Souls 4
  • Bloodborne 2
  • Cookies & Cream 2
  • Demon’s Souls 2

What is actually is based on no data what so ever

  • A rougelite where your character has an Ikaruga-like light/dark state.
  • Each state has it’s own life/magic bar.
  • You have to switch states based on the enemy type you are fighting and environment you are in.
  • If you run out of health on either state the game ends and you start over.

IIRC no. Also though Otogi 2 and Kuon (an awesome Resident Evil 2 knockoff set in Heian-ish era Japan with magic) are the only pop culture things out there where legendary figure Abe no Seimei is portrayed as female. In the English versions she’s just a woman named Abe no Seimei and nothing is made of that.

It’s objectively horrible that Otogi and Otogi 2 are forgotten and will never get new ports.

Disappointing that they’ve already burned the perfect name for a sequel on the first game.

Shadows Die 2wice

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If they ever make a new Demon’s Souls I hope it’s titled Demons’ Soul.


Austin’s suggestion on the latest podcast that it’s a revival of Framegride for the Dreamcast seems plausible. Medieval mech game with bio mechanical robots.


Yeah, with the talks of the concept of Framegride with its biomechanical mechs made it seem much more plausible to me. Of course my mind immediately jumped to a Bloodborne 2 based on its blood and bone filled imagery and its vague candle lighting, but there are plenty of arguments against that.

I think I would just rather wait and see, it feels a bit much to speculate so wildly based on literally seconds of a teaser. I hope they announce more soon.

It’s obviously a spooky new Bionic Commando.