'Sekiro' Transforms the Dark Souls Formula into Something New and Risky


About ten hours into Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, FromSoftware’s latest entry in the pseudo-franchise comprising Bloodborne and the Souls games, I found myself in a familiar enough place: stuck.

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Just a heads up folks, the link to the piece in the OP appears to not be working at the moment but the article is up and accessible from the site itself: https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us

Update: the link should be working now


I’m so excited to play this, and will have time to listen to the podcast today on my commute home from work.

I do have a quick question since I didn’t see it in the review. Was this played on PS4 Pro, or PC? Were there any performance issues?



I’m in the same boat, and thank you for asking the same questions I was wondering about.

I’m leaning towards a console version if performance is good cause I enjoy playing on the couch, but I’ve still got a launch Xbox One and launch PS4 so I don’t know if they’re going to get the most out of this game, or maybe I should go with PC and finally just set up my Steam Link cause I’ve got a GTX 1070 in that.


I’m interested in how much of this game is genuinely new and how much is just new for FromSoft that puts it more in line with most “normal” games.

Also, granted I have yet to play it, but I’m still not sure if I consider this game actually a Soulslike. It seems more like a From attempt at a Character Action Game with stealth elements. Like it might have more in common with an infinitely more grounded Metal Gear Raising than Dark Souls? Yes, there will be similarities but are they just there because it’s a game made by the same people?


How’s the Poise?


Working as intended.


This reminds me a bit of Furi. I’m wondering if my experience with that game will help me here.

Furi is a cool boss rush game that involves a lot of quick swordplay where you need to do a lot of precise parrying if you want to get a chance to attack.


So I haven’t listened to the podcast yet (am about to though) but wanted to say: yo, this is an excellent article, and made me more excited to play this game, by a mile, than anything I’ve seen about it yet. Really, really pumped to see how the conversation shapes up, especially at waypoint, over the coming weeks.


I’m liking the way stealth seems to have been implemented, because rather than having to implement a macro-level incentive for doing it via XP bonuses (Deus Ex) or story outcomes (Dishonored), Sekiro creates a disincentive to try and engage all enemies in a given area due to how flimsy your character is.

Also, I can’t say I didn’t like Bloodborne when I played it, but whenever I look back on the game, it was really straining against the limitations of the structure. I’m glad FromSoftware recognized that and decided to make some huge alterations to the core design here.


We are all playing on PS4. I’m not sure what Austin/Patrick are playing on (Pro or Regular) but I’m playing on a regular PS4 and have had no performance issues whatsoever!


Woah, first time posting in the Waypoint Forums, I’m honored!

Thanks for the quick response, and I am really happy to hear that there doesn’t seem to be any performance problems. I’m considering picking up on PC, but this seems like a wonderful game to play on a large TV.


Just got done watching the Digital Foundry video. Base consoles are 30fps with bad frame pacing, Pro/X are between 35-45 FPS most of the time, never hits 60. Overall very disappointing for me, so I guess I’ll be getting it on PC and tweaking the settings to get my 6 year old GTX 770 to run it at 60.


Interesting, will have to dig in a bit more. Maybe I will stick to PC with this one for those sweet, sweet frames. Thank you!


The performance seems about identical to Bloodborne on a regular PS4 which, like it would have been nice if it was improved a little over that but whatever.


The return of bad frame pacing is unforgivable in my view. It was such a huge complaint about Bloodborne. They had ample time to fix that one issue and it’s so necessary in an action game like this. I guess it’s just baked so deep into their engine but that’s not an acceptable excuse at this point.


I’m not sure why anyone is shocked when no From console game has had smooth performance in this respect. Demon’s Souls and some of their PS2 mecha games are very stable in comparison but that’s the exception more than the rule.


Not shocked, just disappointed. You’d hope that with the launch of a new IP they’d take a moment to fix the one problem fans have been complaining about for nearly a decade.


If anyone’s champing at the bit, I got a call yesterday that my local GameStop “got permission” for a 9PM EDT release on Thursday night. I don’t know if that’s at every store or requires a preorder but it might be worth checking with your local store.

P.S. I can’t remember the last time I preordered a game from GameStop, but the preorder bonus is a letter opener in the shape of the game’s katana that “isn’t even legal for us to give out in every state.” You better believe that worked on me.


god this is a good article and got me real excited to play the game. “living whet stone” is too good.