'Sekiro' Transforms the Dark Souls Formula into Something New and Risky


haven’t had much time to play sekiro since release, but i’ve been putting in a couple hours every other day, and i finally made it to the horse guy. despite being terribly nervous about beating my head against the wall for days, i beat him in 3 tries, without any real cheesing. just focused on parrying and dodging, felt very pleased with myself. ready for more this weekend, can’t wait.


Horse guy was a real turning point for me in my enjoyment of the game. That’s the point where I stopped playing the game like a FromSoft game and started thinking like a cool ninja type guy. You know what would kick ass? Standing my ground and deflecting this horse guy’s ultra intimidating attacks and then grappling up into his damn face!

What a good video game.


alright, the ninja in the well is by far the worst designed fight so far in this game. thanks shit camera


The moment that (late-ish game boss spoiler) Guardian Ape 2: Headless Boogaloo bends over backwards to look at you with the bloody stump of a neck in a murky cave with screeching music got under my skin so much, maybe even more than most of the creepiness in Bloodborne ever did. That was so creepy and so good. I did that fight right before bed and had trouble falling asleep.


yeah, the grappling really makes the fight feel empowering and triumphant, like a human wrecking ball. i’ve been diligently upgrading as much as possible, and i’m sure that made the fight easier than if i hadn’t been playing carefully so far.

i do miss leveling up in the old souls style, but the knottier upgrade systems in this also seem to allow for a good deal of handicapping, once you get to a certain point in the early going (i can’t have played more than 7 or 8 hours so far). each strength upgrade makes a noticeable impact in the speed of your death dealing, and the passive skill that lets you absorb hp from each kill really speeds the gameplay up. i keep expecting to be frustrated by sekiro’s non-soulsness, but instead, i’m finding myself tremendously impressed. it’s just such a good game.


Me taking on a boss for the first time in a session: Go down to the wire, play great but lose at the very end.

Me fighting the boss for the 10th time: Die within 20 seconds

why can’t i beat this guy



I’m so fucking happy yo, i did a walk around my house because i’m so full of adrenaline.


You made it!!! Congrats. Welcome to the top of the difficulty curve. There’s no way it gets any harder from then on…right?


Yeah, i’m clearly now at the top of the difficulty curve… Oh god a monkey with a sword attacked me this is the worst case scenario



I beat the game last night, clocking in around 50 hours, with about 3 of those dedicated to farming mats and skill points (just two prosthetic upgrades left!) and 10 of those dedicated to figuring out how to progress sidequests and scouring every inch of the world multiple times to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Turns out I did miss a couple of things - a vendor with his whole quest and this one hidden prayer bead that I needed to max out my Vitality and Posture.

Still glad I finished a majority of the sidequests and saw some weird shit on my own! The main path has so many cool moments, but the stuff in the margins really helped me appreciate more of this new world From made. Partially why I spent so much time revisiting areas, especially in the late game, was because I didn’t want it to end!

100% going to Platinum this game now, and I only have 6 trophies left.

Started NG+ too, and wow did I just blow through everything in the beginning up to the bull miniboss. The fight at the end of the tutorial area? That chump Genichiro ain’t shit. Had to rely on his Tengu to distract me with a shuriken so he could cut off my arm!

Oh yeah, speaking of Tengu, I also made the realization, which was probably obvious to some people, the Tengu of Ashina is actually Isshin himself!

C’mon, you YouTube Souls loresters! Let’s see those videos! Gary and Kole, when’s Bonfireside Chat resurrecting one more time for the Sekiro season???


Not sure if you’re aware, but Gary and Kole have actually resurrected Bonfireside Chat: Rekindled. They’re going to be starting their Sekiro season on Sunday 04/13.

The catch is that it’s a patreon only show (they put out a big post about how they wanted to add value to their patreon because they needed more money to live). https://www.patreon.com/duckfeedtv
It’s good though. I think they put their early impressions after like 5 hours with the game out on the public feed.


Sekiro is on its way. I’m thrilled and terrified.


honestly i’m of the opinion that these games need to stop having enemies do grab attacks. They suck, take forever, and are always wonky as shit with weird massive hitboxes.


Agree 100% with this. This was one of my main gripes with Bloodborne, it seemed like every enemy had a grab attack that had a weird hitbox, would get you at least once if you didn’t know it was coming, and was a one-hit kill from anything less than full health. It never stopped feeling cheap.

Mibu Village in particular made me feel like I’d fallen back into Yharnam and I wasn’t crazy about it. At least here stealth is an option though.


Honestly the one thing at this point I just genuinely wish the game did was be more consistent and / or make the perilous attacks a little easier to read. I’ve had so many very tense and fun boss fights just…end because the boss’ grab animation looks a lot like a different attack.


Sekiro thoughts nearing the end of NG++.

  1. I want to know what that moment Austin showed Cado at the end of the Sekiro pod was, although I suspect it might be the mid point of guardian ape.
  2. Certain bosses have moves that can chain into either a thrust or a sweep and I still have a hard time telling them apart at times.
  3. The firecrackers might be overpowered


I pretty much only use the firecrackers lol.


Been putting a whole lot of time ino this one since I got it. I’m loving how much perfection it’s demanding of me, I’m beating bosses and immediately after feeling like I could take them on in my sleep. The Giraffe Centipede especially, I’m very glad it forced me to learn how to Gooma Stomp for the main boss battle at the castle. It’s also got a whole lot of mystery about it, there’s so much stuff I’ve found that’s stuck in my head for ages, especially after the game opens up around the castle.

Also, shoutouts the great setup and payoff done through item descriptions. Constantly telling you about lightning damage and giving you stuff to do with it, then having the first time it shows up be the second phase of a boss battle. Love to see something new and instantly go, “right, I know how to deal with this”. Rewarding you for paying attention. Brill.


I was on a roll today i beat Lady Butterfly and Folding Screen Monkeys and also like 6 minibosses. i’m currently trying to beat Guardian Ape and the Corrupted Monk, but thats for another play session.

I do have a quick question. Do I need to beat the Guardian Ape to get the dried fruit from the snake cave? I know the old lady said something about luring a monkey in, but i dunno if that comes after the boss or not.


Re: Your Question

No, you don’t have to beat the Guardian Ape for that. Instead, try and see where she’s looking and head in that direction (even if it seems like doing so is a bad idea).