'Sekiro' Transforms the Dark Souls Formula into Something New and Risky


That’s right. If you get the eavesdrop with Emma talking to the sculptor about killing him, then Wolf has some extra things to say during that fight, and you get a different conversation after the fight with the priestess in the nearby building.


Finished NG++ with the Shura ending. The two new bosses were also a treat to learn. Also, I’ve come to really appreciate how fucking powerful the Empowered Mortal Draw combat art is. It disintegrates Isshin’s health bar whenever I get the opening. Think I’ll be using it on more bosses from now on!

Nothing really compares to downloading enemy patterns in this game. Deflecting and step dodging attacks, literally stepping on fools’ blades and their faces when they try to thrust or sweep, and just overwhelming enemies with constant sword swings that they break is just so. goddamn. good.

Sprinkling in Shinobi Tools and Combat Arts makes it even more apparent how much you’ve mastered the art of fighting.

Dodge rolling over and over and occasionally parrying in Souls and Bloodborne sound so… passive now.


Speaking of, what has everyone found as the best combat arts. I honestly rarely ever used them intentionally because they seemed slow and I’d rather spend spirit emblems on fire crackers but I’m wondering if there were more viable options besides using double ichimonji for the entire game.


Double Ichimonji has seemed clear and away the best for me, though it’s worked so well that I haven’t really tried a lot of the others. I’ve also found Whirlwind Slash to be surprisingly good for being the first one that you unlock—it can really melt the Vitality from some more annoying regular enemies. A lot of the others felt situational enough that just fighting and parrying seemed like a better bet.


I tend to switch between Double Ichimonji and High Monk. I found Ichimonji is really good for boss fights where you’re able to stagger them (e.g. Guardian Ape), but I think High Monk/Senpou Kicks is my favorite. Not only does it act as a counter against sweep attacks, but if you can get your combo going, you can shred through enemies’ posture meters. Against most mini-bosses (especially the Lone Shadows) and even some of the main bosses, it’s been a godsend for me.


Nightjar Slash is the one I see being slept on. It’s a much better gap closer than the baseline dash attack.


I have been using Shadow Rush. It’s an excellent way to close a gap and punish a boss when they back away for projectile attacks!


Welp, I’ve finally hit a fight where I legitimately don’t know if I’ll be able to win. The Samurai Spear General/Sword General Tag team. It seems optional but it still sucks since I’ve been crushing the last few “real” boss fights.


If this is the one I’m thinking of (super late game, right?), then here’s a useful trick: Pop a Gaachin’s Sugar and you should be able to stealth kill the sword guy.


Well that certainly solved the problem, lol.

Thank you for saving me from 30 minutes of running around in circles looking for openings to get 1 hit in, because that was my only other plan.


It sounds like you already beat him, but if you really want to destroy that guy, use the Puppeteer Ninjitsu on that backstab and get yourself a fun co-op partner for that fight.


That is, in fact, exactly what I did.


After more than two Dragonrot afflictions worth of dying, I finally beat the final boss (and also the game). I love love love how the last encounter was designed. It never felt impossible – it just demanded that the player learn how to deal with all 500 of boss’s attacks. In one of my runs, I even got passed the first two phases without taking a single hit, and you know that felt real good (of course I got bodied fast once the real fight started).

As for the ending [‘Return’ spoilers] I’m kind of surprised how open From left the story’s conclusion. Maybe if they do a Soulsborne DLC, “going West” could be that. But if it’s actually hinting at a sequel, I wonder what that might look like. For me, Sekiro is largely defined by how well-realized its Japanese setting is, and I’m here left wondering where the hell they’d even go and what they’d have to do to get the Divine Dragon to go back with them. I dunno, I guess I was caught off guard, thinking that this game would absolutely end in a self-contained way. Knowing that there could well be a Sekiro 2 now has me really curious.


Finally made it to Sword Saint Isshin. I can make it to phase 3 without taking a hit, but then his weird attack patterns shred me in seconds. I’ll get him eventually.

I’m honestly amazed by how consistent, carefully-crafted and coherent this entire game has been. From the very start, it’s been a slow but steady ramp-up in difficulty, scope and style. Everything is placed to prepare you for something that comes later. No element of the game is superfluous or out-of-place. I can’t say it’s my favourite From title (I miss the tinkering and personalization of Souls) but it’s definitely the best From title, if that makes sense.

Favorite part of the game: Owl’s braid. I wanna live inside that thing.

Runner up: I love that you don’t get anything worthwhile for sending someone to the creepy surgeon. Take that, completionists!

Least favorite part of the game: the camera. Please, From, i am BEGGING you to stop making bosses that jump over my head and slam my view into the ground.


That Damn dirty Ape is dead, finally dead. What crazy shit can even be next lol.


Serious/Spoiler answer : He’s back, in pog duo form


When I came around a corner and saw that headless ape waiting for me, I laughed out loud!

This game has a seriously great sense of humor!

See also : Kite Man
edit: See also also: Armored Knight


This isn’t a complaint, but this game sure does like throwing bosses at you in short periods of time.

I am done for the day unfortunatly (thanks work lol), but next time, i’m off to kill my father


So I’m pretty sure I’m at endgame now, I’ve strode across the land on a giant rope doll(side note: HOLY FUCKING SHIT) and started to bash my head against Corrupted Monk 2: Return of the Corrupted Monk, and while I think I’ve cleared about as much of the world as I can(sans a few headless), is there anything significant I might have missed at this point? Can I follow up on that hint about the Black Mortal Blade yet?


Let’s see. If you haven’t you can:

  • Get the snek parts and progress the ‘Return’ ending. You can finish this up until you finish Fountainhead.

  • Get the two prayer beads by progressing the ‘Purification’ ending questline and defeating the mini-bosses there (you can do this until finishing Fountainhead Palace)

  • Get those Treasure Carp Scales!

  • Maybe check out the Poison Pits again. I dunno why. And hey, maybe doing that once more afterward isn’t a bad idea either.

  • Get drunk with the Sculptor, Emma, and Isshin. Each type of booze gives different conversations. (Giving the Sculptor Dragonspring Sake is very worth doing if you’re curious what his deal is)

You have a little ways to go 'til you get to the point of no return, but you’re not far off. So it might be a good idea to check in on these things if you haven’t already.