'Sekiro' Transforms the Dark Souls Formula into Something New and Risky


guardian ape is genuinely one of the worst boss fights that fromsoft has ever made and the fact they make you do it twice is a fucking joke


What ligedi said, just don’t finish that area boss as it’s the point of no return.


Tips, if you want them:

Play defense. If you deflect a couple sword hits, it’ll do a big overhead swing (sometimes preceded by a quick combo that you can avoid entirely if you want). If you deflect that, it flops over for a while. You can use the spear pull on it there to do huge posture damage, and just generally slap it around.

The mate is extremely vulnerable to firecrackers and/or being set on fire. It doesn’t have boss-level health or posture, so you can take it down very quickly if you get an opportunity to separate them. If that chance hasn’t arrived yet, you can stay fairly safe by sprinting forever.


i don’t need tips I beat it on the first try. its literally just ridiculously boring and a complete waste of time


Can you get do the Purification ending fights and still get the Retun ending??


Yes fifteencharacters


This is my requisite “i finished Sekiro” post. I feel so mentally exhausted. I need a vacation from videosgame. This was really cool.

I’d like to thank From software for making the end boss spam lightning attacks nonstop in his final phase to reward me for enduring the non-euclidian spear nonsense of the previous phase. I always appreciate this kind of victory lap.


I beat Sekiro!!! I really loved this game. But boy did I find that last boss frustrating. Took me between 6 and 7 hours over two play sessions.

It always felt doable. I understood mostly what I needed to do. But I still felt like it took some luck. He’d jump over me and kill me when I can’t see. Or use a long combo and I’d mess up the timing and lose my gaurd at the worst time. I ended up winning with 0 heals left after using 2 lightning reversals. Which was cool but killed me more than it helped over all those tries.

Ultimately even though I have frustrations, it’s an extremely good game. So so glad I beat it. Time to go cook some baked apples and calm my nerves.


I just recently got the Platinum trophy. Saved the most basic ending for last on my NG+3 playthrough. Of course, it had to be the one playthrough where I decided to get rid of Kuro’s charm, and jesus christ did that make me work for the Plat.

I thought I was hot shit speeding through NG+ and NG+2, but without Kuro’s charm, I was completely humbled by a number of fights I thought I had mastered before. The final boss in particular demanded perfection I thought I didn’t have in me after 5 hours of trying.

So yeah, if you want even more of a challenge after finishing the game once, I highly recommend giving Kuro his charm back at the start of NG+. It’s a game changer.

Now that I’ve 100%'d the game… I’m going to replay it on a new save just to feel what it’s like starting from scratch again. I’m sure NG+ has spoiled me on having all the upgrades and skills at the beginning!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Good Game, Better Than All the Souls Games, Second Only to Bloodborne


I’m at what I think is the last boss and I, uh, just learned that you can hit “Y” while looking at the prosthetic tools in the menu for additional information.

I feel like a fool but also I now understand why in the spear’s description it says it can pull enemies in.


Reid McCarter from Bullet Points put out a great article about Sekiro today:

Sekiro is my favorite From Software game to date, and this post gets at what makes the game special for me. From has always been great at making worlds and stories with thematic consistency, but I rarely thought about that while I was playing them. Dark Souls was a challenge to throw myself against over and over again that happened to be set in a beautiful, sad world. I didn’t realize those things were connected until I watched lore explainers. Sekiro, on the other hand, had me thinking about its themes from the start, which gave the ensuing fights so much more weight and meaning.

I’m nearing the end of my first play through, and I’m already itching to get back in and play it again as soon as I finished. I haven’t felt that urge since I was a child! Sekiro is great y’all!


Ear to ear grinning over here at the endgame being all about the secret best thing in videogames, enemies fighting each other while you watch. I’m amazed at how this game keeps hitting home runs at what is clearly the absolute tail end. That just doesn’t happen! Ever! God, what a brill thing.


yo i’m glad you mentioned that because it’s also low-key one of my favorite things about the game, too, and you’re actually the first person i’ve seen bring it up anywhere


Phew, one end game boss down, one to go (I think. This feels like the end)


This game has been really fun for me, and it’s clicked really well until now, but I’m at the final boss and I just…kinda feel it slipping away. This is the first from game where I’m not excited to start a new playthrough immediately.

Spoilers for the last boss:

I just don’t think long, multiphase boss fights are fun in these games. I had the same problem with Friede in DS3; getting to phase that I need to practice is so exhausting and takes so long, the iteration loop on reading the boss gets drawn out exponentially, especially in Sekiro where the margin of error feels razor thin.

I actually really like the third phase (spear time). It would be a fun fight to learn if I didn’t have to spend 5 minutes~ of intense focus getting there each time. I’ve pushed him into the lightning phase two or three times, but it’s still so inconsistent that I can’t quite adapt to it and finish the fight out.

I’m making progress and I don’t feel fully stalled - I’m fully confident I’m going to get there. It’s just…I wish it was broken up into two fights, I guess, cause the climax has passed for me and now it’s just a grind.


If it makes you feel better The last phase should be easier to learn/execute if you can get the 3rd one down. He has the same attacks except for the lightning ones which let you do lightning reversals for huuuuge damage. Also if you are having more luck with the 2nd phase than the 3rd if you don’t let up after doing the deathblow you can keep him from pulling out the spear for a bit.


Yeah I’ve been managing to push some damage in the start of the third phase, because I’ve got the second down well enough. Solid couple of vit hits, then when he pulls the spear out a couple more into firecracker into another hit or two. It’s a good start, and most runs I can get to phase 3 with only one or two gourd uses, but progress is just…slow. I’m having a harder time internalizing the spear move set for whatever reason.


I had the same experience with the last boss. Like, I could see very clearly that there was a path to success. But it took SOOOO long to get there.

It felt like I had a 90% chance to beat Genichiro, then an 80% chance to beat the first phase of Isshin. Then it was like a 20% chance to beat the third phase. And by the time I got through all that, who knows if I have any healing left. So I kinda felt like I was trying over and over waiting for those odds to work out so I could beat the last phase with those 20% odds on 20% odds on 80% on 90.

And it was… a bit disappointing afterwards. When I beat Genichiro it took me nearly as long, but I was rewarded with more new areas to explore and that felt really cool.

I really loved the game. Which is why some of the boss frustrations stick out to me a little more.


Couple pattern spoilers that might help You can dodge L/R around his leaping smashes and he’s vulnerable to actual damage from a dodge attack out of that. He will jump away and do a wide swipe with the spear, he almost always follows this with 4 gun shots that chain into a perilous (usually a thrust, sometimes a slower sweep) or very rarely a leap attack. If you do get hit by a leap attack and he knocks you to the ground, if you wait to safety roll for a second he will try another leap attack to spear you to the ground that you can safety roll out of to either heal or hit him once before his guard goes back up.


Those actually do help, thank you!