'Sekiro' Transforms the Dark Souls Formula into Something New and Risky


FWIW the LB fight is the part of the game that, for me, really hammered home how important it is to focus on breaking Posture. I was playing conservatively, guarding and then lunging in for a quick punishment slice before backing off, and this was both taking FOREVER and I was still taking too many hits during this time and dying. I lost the fight dozens of times. I changed my gameplan to stay as close to her as possible and strike more often, even when I knew it wasn’t going to deal damage, and I ended up breaking her Posture and getting a deathblow while she still had half of her health. You might need to change your methods around.


One hope for DLC (end game spoilers): I hope there’s a real good human monk boss. We got bosses that use your Shinobi and Ashina Samurai skills against you, but no real monk boss fight.


To offer my own take here (which is similar to @kcin’s but not quite) I think the main trick with most of the (humanoid) bosses is two phases: usually your end goal is to break posture for a deathblow, but their posture is going to regen too quickly until you have them down to at least 70% to half-ish health. So to start, don’t worry as much about their posture and focus on getting in one or two quick hits when there’s an opening to whittle down their health, then once their posture bar turns more orange/red, you can focus mainly on posture damage instead of doing health damage. Once you can beat LB, you’re pretty much ready for the rest of the entire game, I think.


Is the path near the Headless cave? I’m trying not to look up a walkthrough, but I’ve been round and round that area and am not finding another path? Only thing I see is a ridge across from the cave. Should I be trying to get there?


It should be close to there—did you find the Underbridge Valley idol? It’s past that, might involve dropping or grappling to some lower points. If you didn’t find the idol, you should check around the broken bridge that’s straight through where the Chained Ogre and then General Tenzen Yamauchi (I think that’s his name) were.


End game spoilers: Demon of Hatred sure is a straight up Bloodborne boss, huh?


What’s good, guess who forgot he had the Dell Demon equiped for basically the entire second half of the game. That’s right, this guy. Turned it off for the final boss and 3 tries later I aced it with 7 gourd swigs left.

The Return Ending has a solid Sequel Hook.

I think my current rankings for Fromsoft’s library is: Literally release order. They just keep getting better. It’s nuts.


Yeah, I am on NG++++, and need about four more levels to complete it. Farmed about 15 levels in 45 minutes at Fountainhead palace.


It’s the sculptor. Demon of hatred was missing an arm.


Yup, someone else pointed it out too. I completely misread it haha.


Oh yeah, as soon as I saw him I thought “wait, that’s a Cleric Beast.”


I was thinking things were going too well on NG+ (turns out a lot of the earlier bosses get trivialized by having a bunch of skills and 10 gourd charges), but then I ran into a new boss and promptly died before I knew what was happening.


Been taking my time clearing out old areas and optional mini-bosses, but now I’m working on the very last boss and I’m pretty excited to hop into ng+ to both tear through the early content and start filling out stuff I might’ve missed the first time around.

(last boss spoilers)

I really enjoyed how they did their bait-and-switch with a really weak Genshiro to a powerful samurai (who I don’t actually remember where we know from, maybe the intro cutscene?). I’m still working through his second phase so no further spoilers pls.
You can kind of gauge your current nerves by how many hits Genshiro gets on you before the real fight, and while it’s a little annoying they make you go through the motions it’s at least a nice warm-up.


No fight spoilers, just discussing that character’s identity: You should have met Isshin right after fighting Genichiro in Ashina Castle—he’s the older man in the tower that’s a couple of jumps away from the main one. He’s Genichiro’s grandfather and the patriarch of the clan. If you go back to Ashina Castle, you’ll find Emma with his body in Kuro’s room; as far as I know the game doesn’t really explain it, but something to do with the Dragon’s Heritage brought him back to life out of Genichiro’s body or spirit.


What’s wild is (last boss, 1st phase spoilers) the Genichiro you fight as a first phase throwaway is actually not that different from any other iteration of him you’ve seen (minus the mortal blade attacks). After finishing that fight, I went right into NG+, and to my surprise the Genichiro fight in the prologue has all of the same attacks and tells as final boss Genichiro – and “First Act Boss” Genichiro – did. Sure you have more health and skills at your disposal, but the key reason he seems weak is because you as the player have gotten a lot better by the end of the game!


when his grandfather gently put a hand on Genichiro’s shoulder and said “i may die now but i will always be inside of you” with his last breath, I’ll bet Genichiro wasn’t expecting that


Oki, actually beat the final boss now, what a ride that fight and that whole game is. It might rank above Bloodborne but I’m gonna need some distance from it to judge the whole picture.
Anyway re: his identity: Just after writing that I went to fight him again and checked his name, so I feel kinda dumb now. You never see these characters up too closely or interact with them beyond standing there and speaking to fully internalise their faces so I didn’t catch it at first. My B.


Early NG+ spoilers: I spent literal hours on Lady Butterfly on my first playthrough; getting to her on NG+ and being like “You call these attacks? Are you even trying to hit me?” is pretty great.


Great Shinobi Owl has finally bit the dust. I’m so happy. I don’t know what to do with my hands

EDIT: This game sure loves throwing bosses at you within 5 minutes of each other haha.

EDIT 2: Well Real Corrupted Monk only took 2 attempts, that last phase was pretty sweet though. like most bosses, absolutely great fights.


Okay, here’s a spoiler-free tip from someone on NG+: Keep your eyes open for eavesdropping opportunities on characters that aren’t just rando enemies.

I’m finding juicy info I missed on my first playthrough.