'Sekiro' Transforms the Dark Souls Formula into Something New and Risky


Killed the Chained Ogre this morning. Might’ve gotten lucky? I realized I could lure him down the steps and then backstab while he was walking back up, so one deathblow down. Then I just kept backing far away, dousing him with oil, and as soon as he started to close the distance for a grab I’d hit the button to flame him. Chop chop chop and repeat.

Tenzen Yamauchi was kind of cake with the lessons I learned from Kanawada; I just attacked relentlessly and he hardly ever had time to get more than a swing or two in - attacking seemed to interrupt all of his perilous attacks too.

The snake sequence was so good. I also found the Headless. Is it worth trying to fight it right now? Based on my initial attempt, I felt like it was something I should come back to later. (I also need more confetti.)


You should probably wait, the item you mentioned is required (at least until you have access to some mid to late game prosthetics), and it’s pretty rare where you’re at.


Seconding this. I only just now went back and defeated this enemy last night because I was starting to see that item drop a bit more often.


Definitely keep the pressure on the enemy. There are moments when you need to back off, or get ready for them to return the aggression. I got the platinum a few days ago and did up to NG++++ where if you aren’t aggressive, your posture is shredded in one or two bad parries.

Don’t spam your attack, and tap it at the end of each attack, and the beauty of this game is being able to cancel out of an attack and block. Listen for the loud “CLANG” when they finally parry you, get on the defensive, and when you hear that “CLANG” back, either go all-in again, or dip out for a second. The more aggressive you are, the more the enemy will try to do a deathblow attack on you, and that is when you can dodge out of the way/heal/recover posture, step on the spear, or jump on them and do more posture damage. Keep them off-balance, and the fights become more manageable even when they are more difficult. It also baits out their strong attacks and leave them vulnerable. Keep going, you got this!!!


Yup. It is wild how much posture damage is ramped up in NG+ and beyond.


The Headless are a huge pain in the butt and never stop being a pain in the butt. I’d come back later when you have a healthy supply of consumables to deal with their nonsense.


I will say, that one in particular is worth doing for the reward. I know I wish I’d done so much sooner than I did. It’s just a matter of waiting at least till you have a small stockpile of confetti first, and being confident you won’t waste it all.

The rest of them though, 100%. Easily one of the worst enemies in the game, for placement and repetition.



Can’t wait to check the nexus in like a month to see what mods are available lmao

(I bought it on PS4. No mods for me)


I’ll buy it on PC once there’s a mod to let me play as Nero, which is honestly not an impossible thing since we’re already at this stage:



I wish I didn’t have such a tight budget. Costume mods like this make me wish I’d gotten it on PC for real.

Hopefully FromSoft adds official costumes to the console releases through DLC though.


I bought this on ps4 for trophies but damn if these mods aren’t making me want to double dip.


It’s very little work to add some alternate costumes, and tbh I had thought there was some kind of ng+ reward or secret loot somewhere that changed something cosmetic on your character.

At least fans are taking to the task on PC.


Though this is not my usual kind of game I am enjoying myself but I’d like it even more if I could play as a cool lady shinobi please and thank you period send post


Agreed; it would also be nice to just have some female enemies anywhere in the game (maybe they show up eventually, but I don’t think I’ve seen any yet).


There are quite a few in every category, but they’re not until a little bit further into the game. A lot of them are ambiguous until you get some lore item, but there are some stand-out ones.


I am conflicted. This article is taking the piss out of a discussion that I feel strongly about and think should be taken seriously by videogamespeople.

But also it is very relevant to my own personal interests so find myself nodding thoughtfully.


Too risky, they’d have to pull the game from PS4. Maybe if a Switch version comes out.


So, the earliest example I can find of immortality-granting parasitic worms seems to be the 1958 novel The Kouga Ninja Scrolls, which is also the book that popularized the whole “Ninjas with X-Men powers” thing. (Or, at the very least, the film adaptation Shinobi: Heart Under Blade had the worms. It’s hard to tell if that particular detail is accurate to the source material.)


I’ve definitely seen anime adaptations of that novel but never read it. Partly because I didn’t know it existed! Lol.

I’m kind of obsessed with this concept now. I want more fiction and stuff about this.

I did think of another piece of media with similar themes earlier. Sword of the Stranger.