'Sekiro' Transforms the Dark Souls Formula into Something New and Risky


Game set and match! The last boss is dead and the Credits are rolling! I will say that this game is absolutely incredible. Games this good don’t come around too often.


Now that I think about it, the Fate/Stay Zero Anime had multiple houses or clans relying on different sources for their magic. One of them had a practice of using someones body as a host for a mirriad of insects. It really stuck with me, though It’s only a minor plot point in the larger story.


Ho-lee shit I just beat Gyoubo the Demon on my second attempt without even using a resurrection. What a goddamn rush that was. I had to set the controller down and catch my breath after.


I’ve hit a roadblock with Seven Spears, the dude is just wrecking me. I know you can bounce off his head to some degree, but then he does the overhead spin and defeats that strat, at least for me. Any advice from you good people would be appreciated!


The keys to the kingdom are that you just have to make sure you nail the deflect on the attack immediately after you get the mikiri counter; he’ll take a bunch of posture damage and stable, giving you time to get some hits in.

The other keys are that he’s 100% optional, so you can what’s come back later, or even just completely ignore him.


If you haven’t already, be sure to sneak around the cliffside to get a backstab. When you land a successful Mikiri counter on his thrust, he’ll often follow-up with a big attack that, if deflected, will cause him to stumble forward and he’ll be left wide open to get some good hits in.

Generally I’d avoid jumping on the heads of bosses or minibosses unless they’re sweeping or doing some other attack you know won’t hit you in the air.


For a somewhat cheesier strategy, Hit him with oil and then fire and he’ll be burning. You can get a couple hits in and he takes some good damage over time. You just have to watch out for his large attacks. You can grapple to the top of the shrine, or you can dance around the steps. He has trouble with those.


On final boss for NG+ (did the Return ending first and doing Shura now) and I would just like to say I like this game, obviously, since I just played it twice, but the way the camera works in small spaces is straight up garbage.


Depending on where you’re at with your skills/prosthetics some of those can help out quite a bit as well. IIRC the umbrella prosthetic doesn’t care about thrust attacks (it’ll block them completely but they may still break your posture?), and the raven feather (mist raven?) prosthetic can just lead to you hitting him in the back repeatedly once you get the hang of using it to teleport behind him like a True Anime Ninja.


To piggyback on this cheese strategy angle If you have the firecrackers prosthetic, this is the strategy I used to take him down. First, sneak around behind him to get the first deathblow for free. Then, get 2 hits in, and immediately hit him with a firecracker. This will stun him for a second, and you can get another hit in. If you try to hit him a second time, he’ll deflect, so just repeat firecracker, hit, firecracker, hit, until you run out of spirit emblems, and his health will be down by a pretty large chunk.


Yes thank you and Noelle for this! Once I got the counter down I broke his posture fairly easily. What keeps killing me in general is forgetting how important posture is over vitality on these bosses.


Struggled a pretty surprising amount with General Matsumoto right inside the Ashina Castle gate. I think I had adopted a really aggressive approach through many of the fights leading up to that one and it was kind of a lesson that I needed to be more patient at times. I couldn’t just go ham, I needed to wait for my windows. Hopefully I got the point! I also accidentally stumbled into Genichiro and decided I need to wait on that for a minute (it didn’t help that I had no gourd chugs left when I found him).

The game is starting to feel a little more open now. Should I be trying to take down Seven Spears already? I’m mostly annoyed that there are so many enemies on the way to him. Also, is an opening stealth deathblow possible? It seemed like no, but maybe I’m missing something.


Look for a path along the left; you may in fact recognize it from the beginning of the game!


Genichiro is a cool fight, and locks off paths to the rest of the game, but there are many things you can do before you have to face him, I’ll recommend exploring a bit before you do, including the castle, especially because there’s a useful idol nearby.

And yes you can stealth Seven Spears, I think you can just sneak up along the right wall and he won’t see you, but if not you can hop the wall near the club man and grapple around the side and either do a drop death-blow or just sneak up behind him.

It’s worth it to clear out the enemies around the courtyard particularly because it just gives you more room, and fighting him can alert other annoying parties into the fight, and you want him 1v1.
By all means though save him for later, certain tools you get can help you a lot with his aggressiveness.


Am I grasping at straws here, or do Sekiro and Kingdom Hearts on critical have a heck of a lot in common? The same attack/block/dodge basics and the same focus on having to memorize patterns to continuously block at just the right time make it push all the same buttons for me.


I have nothing constructive to contribute here, but I’m now obsessed with the idea of a Kingdom Hearts chapter where Sora visits Ashina and becomes best friends with Wolf and Lord Kuro.

Maleficent forms an alliance with Genichiro because the Dragon’s Heritage holds the secret to unlocking hearts, or something.

Sora teaches Wolf the importance of believing in your friends and convinces him to sever his ties with the power-hungry Owl.

Oh, and Donald is absolutely furious at the audacity and cheek of the kite ninjas.

Siri send post


I would play the kingdom hearts game where Sora tries to make friends with one of the bosses and then Wolf just does a shinobi execution mid sentence.


Genichiro. Ugh. I can get to his third form every other time or so, but I’m usually so sapped at that point that I can’t close the deal.


I’m not too proud to admit that I beat that phase by running away from everything other than his big jumpy stab and the lightning.


And he’s down! Wow, that was tough (I think I probably died 50-ish times). I think I eventually I learned the second form’s moves well enough that he became much simpler (although I never did a reversal, just kept jumping away). When I finally took him down I had both rez charges left.

Since it seems like I might be getting to a place where I need to make some decisions (maybe?), does anyone have a recommendation for which ending to pursue the first time around?