'Sekiro' Transforms the Dark Souls Formula into Something New and Risky

So, there’s a bad ending that cuts off the back third of the game by making an obvious bad choice. The other 3 all have the same final boss and then you can choose based on which requirements you have met. There’s one that you will get if you just progress and do no optional stuff, an alternate one that requires some eavesdropping and gates off 2 prayer beads and a “best” one that requires gathering some items from out in the world. You have to do most of the optional stuff before beating the last boss of the area you get sent to after the choice. Imo, look up the ending requirements on the wiki. I ended up doing 4 playthroughs because i love the game but missed some stuff by hitting the PONR on my first run before looking at the wiki and I wish I had done that earlier.


i’ve finally reached the final boss, and can get him to his 3rd stage fairly regularly, but still can’t manage to finish him off. currently have this very specific system where i keep trying him until i run out of resurrections. then i go to fountainhead palace flower viewing stage and repeat a 10000 exp loop until i level up and refill my resurrections. then i go back til the final boss, until i run out of resurrections…

if I don’t beat him before i reach 5 levels, i’ll use my mask to increase my strength. it’s a plan. we’ll see what happens first.

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I would personally advise against this, as skill points are hard to come by and the way attack power works has harsh diminishing returns. but if you have a bunch of spare cash from doing that, divine confetti is a damage boost even against non apparitions and stacks with sugar.

what are the penalties for increasing attack power? thanks for the advanced warning.

It starts at an invisible 4, increases by 1 every time you get a memory, so going from say 14->15 is only like a 7% increase. Then you hit 20 and there’s a soft cap that kicks in that isn’t fully documented yet but it seems like gains go off a cliff in terms of damage per upgrade.

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okay, i’ve killed all the other bosses and i’m only 14 strength, and i’m also not sure when I’m doing new game+, so i think i’ll stick to this plan for at least 1 level. 7% increase might be what it takes for me to finally get through final dude’s final form. thanks for the info.

The attack formula is now documented (source) and it works more or less as stated except the diminishing returns kick in faster: you start at 80 attack, and gain +20 per memory until 14 Attack (i.e. you’ll have a real attack stat of 340). After that, it gets slashed to +8, which means that hitting 15 Attack is only a 2.3% improvement. It then stays at +8 for a while then drops further.

Given how staggeringly long it takes to get 5 skill points by the endgame, that might be time better spent practicing against the boss.

in my initial post, i mentioned how i would fight the boss repeatedly until i ran out of resurrective power, so i’m not sure why you’re advising me to do what i already said i was doing. there’s a hint of “git gud” to the anti-mask advice brigade on the internet, and seriously, it only takes about 15 minutes in fountainhead palace to gain a level. i’m glad you have a spreadsheet of data to support your viewpoint, but i’m not the kind of person who enjoys videogames more when they require spreadsheets.

to make me even more confident in my own choices, i followed my routine last night until i reached 5 levels banked, and then killed him on my second try once i was attack lvl 15. would it have been possible to beat him without the extra 2.3 percent damage? almost certainly.

but my way worked. for me. and i might still grind out a few more levels before moving on to new game+, because, for me, the 10000 exp loop i’ve made for myself is fun and relaxing, and not that labor intensive.

so, can we make a deal where we don’t tell each other how we could better spend each other’s time?

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I was just trying to save you time in case you wanted to fill out the skill tree later, but fair enough. It took me 2 hours of farming on ng+3 to finish the tree. It’s not git gud so much as 77k per skillpoint on the backend is a lot.

I thought after Genichiro things might get easier. Cue me dying twenty times to that Snake Eyes mini-boss in the Depths. I don’t know why I couldn’t get that fight down, but it’s finally over. The next area seems neat and terrible. I officially hate Headless.

To be fair snake eyes has the MOST bullshit grab tracking in the entire game imo, and it was usually an instant kill, at least at the point I got there.


It’s not a true grab. Deflecting works and is the most consistent defense.

…see, as much as I love this game, things like this really really wish they had made it at least a little clearer on what each perilous attack was, because grabs are supposed to be the one thing you can’t deflect, and yet…


I had no idea this wasn’t a grab, but I eventually figured out that dodging backwards twice got me far enough away. It also usually led to those easy to deflect slow melee attacks.

It’s probably just the fighting game player in me but whenever something in Sekiro tries to grab me I jump backwards and it usually works unless it’s an extremely lunge-y grab (cough Guardian Ape.)

The last few goals in this game are falling faster than i thought. Every miniboss beyond a couple really annoying ones are dead, Yesterday i killed both Owl Father and Demon of Hatred. Really the only item left on my checklist is to start a new game and clear out the last few bosses for a specific ending. Its a bit of a bitter sweet feeling, knowing that the end is actually pretty dang close.


Just figured I’d post a link to a fix I used recently after my game crashed and my save got corrupted on PC
Hope you like hex editors

Dealing with the corrupted save was still so much less frustruating than dealing with Guardian Ape


Only clipped this because of how many times this guy took my lunch money in my first playthrough.


Hello. I am playing this game. I am at the Genichiro fight, and it will take me a long time to beat it. It’s a great fight, I’m sure many have already said it already. While the fight might be too tame without it, I also think the bow sort of pushes it over the edge into somewhat annoying territory. Fromsoft has a tendency to add some annoying element to bosses these days, because they want their games to be difficult, and so on, if you hadn’t heard. Would it be too easy without the bow? Maybe, I’ll probably beat him eventually anyway so whatever.

Trust me when I say that you will eventually find the bow utterly laughable in how useless it is. It’s always telegraphed super obviously, you can just block it without much posture loss, and if it hits you it doesn’t do an awful lot of damage anyway. Persevere! I believe in you!

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